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Suburban White Boys
Suburban White Boys
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Couple white kids from the burbs reppin' for Hi-Ca$h
Couple of white kids from the burbs. We are from Rhode Island. Matt was going over Jon's house on Friday September 20, 2003 and they decided we would do a rap. The first one was fun and we decided to do some more. The Members are: 1)B-Tru 2)C.HTML 3)J-$Money$ 4)Chef Boy RG
Band/artist history
September 20, 2003 -The Suburban White Boys are formed -That's Gangsta (Gangsta)is completed November 24, 2003 -After two months of nothing and never getting all together Tuck in your Blouse is completed. January 27, 2004 -Two more months pass and we create Whose got the Ganja? March 10, 2004 -We record Legacy. -April 6, 2004 -We record Gangsta Love with Straight Up -April 9, 2004 -We finish up Mrs. Fields Cookies and then we get dumb and record Bitches and Hoes. -May 7, 2004 -We put on our first ever performance in front of about 300 people at the NKHS 2004 Variety Show. -May 8, 2004 -We put on our second ever performance at the Variety Show and again achieved perfection minus a mic problem that no one noticed and with the boost of Kenny Valdivia on the beat boxes (sounds right). -May 9, 2004 - August 31, 2004 -We continue work on our much anticipated album some computer mess ups and laziness delayed progress, but songs like "Not going away" & "Cock-Diesel" are in the works. -September 18, 2004 -We play at the Kayla Ricci Memorial Foundation's "Smile with Kayla" Battle of the Bands. Many unfortunate mic problems and an unnecessary shortened set later... we deem it our worst show ever. November 19, 2004 - We play at the NKHS Fall Battle of the Bands. We Rock the house plain and simple. November 22, 2004 - Word Bitches. The results of the Battle are in and we took down the motha fucking ship, ha. So yeah we took 1st Place in the Battle and won in both the judges category and the popular vote. January 8, 2005 -With the album still not completed, we make our mark in the providence music scene. Playing a real show at AS220 with The Barnacle Orchestra, Sonic Enema, Senior Discount, and Lemon-Lime Tennis Shoes. May 6-7, 2005 -After a long break for school, getting into college and getting suspended. We make our final mark on the NKHS stage with our Variety Show performance alongside the Soda Pop Fiends. We rock the house once again. -May 18, 2005 Unfortunately, SWB took a bench seat for the Spring Battle of the bands because not all of us could make the mandatory meeting two days before April Vacation. We were truly sad by this, but at the same time happy that we didn't have to defend our bullshit title and could retire ontop. ha. -January 9th 2006 We worked..."hard" in between April and January to finally finish of our long awaited first album. Most of the work was done during Christmas break from college. On January 9th we headlined our own CD Release Show at the Living Room in Providence Rhode Island. The album is called "4 Years Running" and is still available by contacting a band member and having them grab you a copy, not sold in stores. Thanks to all who came to the show and support our music. Who knows where SWB is headed now, but keep supporting and check out B-Tru and his solo stuff on his myspace.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes we've played 6 shows live. About 4 of which have been held at North Kingstown High School in one way or another. Our most special moment would have to be coming in 1st Place Overall in the NKHS Battle of the Bands on November 19, 2004. We've also had a great time playing in Providence. We played at AS220 in January of '05 and The Living Room in January of '06.
Your musical influences
We've been getting big on Aesop Rock and the Wu-Tang Clan lately. Also, Dr. Dre, DZK, Mr.Lif, Sage Francis, The Beastie Boys, 7L and Esoteric.-
What equipment do you use?
MXL 990 Condenser Mic, MXL 991 Condenser Mic, Alesis Micron Synthesizer, Audio Technica AT814a, Behringer Eurorack MX802A Mixer, Apple G4, Audacity 1.2.3, Edirol MA-5A Monitors, Crate PE10-T Speakers, Crate PA 4 Head, etc....
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