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Zanndro_ Surem
SUREM is a cryout for justice sound impacted with emotions and grief
Zanndro ft Kleary D'Oracle_Gwan wonboi
Gwan woboi is a self conscious sound, that speaks through the heart
Zanndro ft El skibo_Amon vibes
AMON VIBES is a full package hit, meant to addictive by the streets
Zanndro ft king Brezy _ Rima
RIMA entail the extent of which love can be express
Zanndro ft fanzi_Dibutu
Dibutu is a dancehall party meant to entertain and stir up vibes from the soul
7 songs
I am Elijah uyok, Popularly known as zanndro, I love music so much and I have dedicated my time, money and passion to it. I love making good and relateable music that stand a test of time, I like to define a scenero, I like to relate with situation when writing my craft Music is all I got
Band/artist history
To be frank the music industry is not a kids playground, for u to survive u need more than your talent, every little thing can take u 10 step backwards, so I try as much as possible to enjoy the process learn everyday and set target That has helped me archive alot and goal is high let's see if what the future holds
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Performance is always a platform to relate with who u make music for, so I try to give the best of me when am up there, and try to create lots of opportunities for a next time Shows are always amazing
Your musical influences
Well I have influence a good number of people, because some approach me and tell me, but I get more happy because it's always a positive influence
What equipment do you use?
Keyboard and few more
Anything else?
This page is actually to promote my home base music But I have an official page for my general music. I wish u follow through my journey and be the very few that will value good music
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