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level 9 (ind)
level 9 (ind)
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For over 5 years, Level 9 has developed and maintained the voice of original contemporary music of India. Founded by Anirudh Goswamii and Nikhil Auluck, Level 9
For over 5 years, Level 9 has developed and maintained the voice of original contemporary music of India. Founded by Anirudh Goswamii and Nikhil Auluck, Level 9 has gone ahead, performing brilliants sets at venues across India. Level 9 has played at various venues and events across India and has made a mark in the field of funk-blues inspired music in India. Apart from public performances, the band has also striven for a noble cause every now and then. Be it playing at fund-raising concerts for Tsunami victims or composing music dedicated to people suffering from AIDS, Level 9 has striven to connect to the masses to deliver the pure joy and energy of music. Among others, the band has played in almost all the major cities of India and at prestigious music concerts and festivals. Level 9 has a huge and dedicated fan-base on www.myspace.com/level9music and a growing group on www.facebook.com . To listen to the bands music apart from the songs available here, please click here: www.myspace.com/level9music To contact the band for gigs, festivals and merchandize, please contact: Anirudh Goswamii on anirudhgoswamii@gmail.com or 9810645766 (India). Press coverage: Level 9 is one of Indias most unique sounding rock bands. - Great Indian Rock: The Largest and Loudest Ever, November 2008 The upbeat energy level is constant with Level 9s The Bus Song, pitching on the funk element, inadvertently some part of your body will give in to the beat. - The Rolling Stone India (inaugural issue March 2008) To keep up with the invasion of music from the west, Indian bands are innovating too - moving away from playing covers of established bands in the west to fresh compositions. "We are constantly changing. Our lyrics are about relationships, emotions and the lives that we see around us in general," said Anirudh Goswamii, the lead guitarist of the Delhi-based band Level 9. - Headlinesindia.com December 31st 2008 Delhi-based Level 9 were the first to take the stage and did a good job of it. They are sounding tight and are increasingly becoming a good listen. - Malivika Nanda, The Hindustan Times 21.05.2008 Level 9: Were All Here for You and Musical Box, their OCs that best define their music. - The Hindustan Times, 15.05.2008 This weekend let your hair down as Mid-Day charts some of the most eclectic musical performances across the city: Level 9 @ Café Morrison - The Mid-Day 04.07.2008 Level 9, the band from Delhi, infused life into the evening at Café Morrison. The place was packed to capacity as drinks and snacks flowed freely, while smoke filled the air. And setting the mood of the evening was Delhis popular Blues band, Level 9. Their energy packed performance sent the crowd into a frenzy, complete with head banging and foot tapping. - The Hindu, Metro Plus (23.08.2007) There are many new bands on the scene that are definitely making a mark for themselves. (among others) Level 9 made it to the top 16 Channel V Launchpad that aired on National Television. - Delhi Art Central Do you think that crowds and tastes here allow various genres and sounds a survival space? Where do you see yourselves amidst this? We see ourselves sandwiched between NU Metal and Rock... We are the tomato right now, but we're going to be the toothpick soon. Read between the lines. - Tete-e-tete with Anirudh Goswami of Level 9, www.tcp.in 2005 Level 9 are Anirudh Goswamii, lead guitars, Nikhil Auluck - rhythm guitars, Abhishek Mangla - bass guitars.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes. Special moments: Great Indian Rock 2008 Delhi!
What equipment do you use?
Nikhil Auluck - Fender Stratocaster, Boss GT-6 fx pedal unit and Laney Tube Amplifiers. Anirudh Goswamii - Fender Stratocaster Guitar, Pod XT live fx unit and Stranger Amplifiers.
Anything else?
join the group page "Level 9" on www.facebook.com and listen to our music on www.myspace.com/level9music
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