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Big Boss Da Boss Man
Big Boss Da Boss Man
8 Tracks
Trustyle Records, South, Rebel Muzik, Big Will, Dirty, College Graduate, Tupac
Big Boss Da Boss Man - 100 Thousand
TruStyle Records presents... Big Boss The Evolution of Hip-Hop William Arthur Smith, a.k.a. Big Boss, is a 26 year old established producer, songwriter, and Rap Artist. Big Boss was raised in amidst the poverty-stricken streets of Port Arthur, Texas, and it was there he captured much of his inspiration to write heart-wrenching music. He began writing at the tender age of nine (9) in an effort to express himself to his peers; writing positive messages to relate to their plight yet stressing the importance of staying in school. In 1997, Big Boss moved to the Dallas, TX where he began to perform on a regular basis. Over the past 10 years he has worked on honing his talents by giving first-class live performances in venues such as retail stores, malls, recreation centers, concert arenas, night clubs, and so on and has accumulated a variety of followers. His jumpstart came from doing events such as: The Hollywood JD Talent Showcase, Texas Ghetto Jam Tour, The LyBEATrics CD Release Tour, Harambee Festival, Youth Empowerment Festival, Kwanzaa Fest, Summer Jam Explosion Tour, II Kold Syndicate Tour, Kidz Across America Tour, Planet Kidz Tour, etc. While in college he traveled extensively between Texas and New York to perform whenever he could get his message out. When asked what gives him the motivation to do so many shows, he says, Performing is what I love to do. There is nothing like the feeling of being on stage. Big Boss has produced and performed with many of the southern region most noted artists such as Slim Thug (Boss Hogg), Paul Wall (Swishahouse), Dirty South Riders (T-Town), Tum-Tum (Universal), Big Tuck (Universal), Smitty (Universal), Lil Larry (Lame/Curb), Cutta C, Rakoo Nation Records, ESG, Erykah Badu, Angel Tazari, Angel Babee (Star of D), Stampede Records, Gator Main, and The Music People Luv Band under the direction of the Grammy Nominated Saxophonist Dr. Larry T-Byrd Gordon. Big Boss extreme talent as an electrifying entertainer, Rapper and songwriter echoes that he can not be denied a spot in the lime light. He has received coverage in Teen Graffiti magazine with R&B Artist Lil Larry, Dallas Morning News (Southeast Dallas), and Port Arthur Texas News (Roc the Mic Tour) alongside international recording artist Fabolous (Desert Storm). When asked how to describe his music and style he states, My music is the pure definition of real music. I make lyrics and music that comes from the heart expressing true-to-life issues whether personal or within society. I have experienced the lack of meaningful music in this industry today and I am here to fill that void. I am here to make music that touches people and has a lasting effect on this world. I try to make music that will live on exceeding my years on this earth. In the process of building a career in the music business, he never lost focus on the importance of a quality education. In May 2004, William A. Smith graduated from Alcorn State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration. He completed his education on a 4-year athletic football scholarship. This young man emerged from one of the most crime infested regions of the U.S. to fulfill his dream. With all the pressures of attending college, writing and recording music, traveling up and down the road to perform, and playing football as an Alcorn State University Brave, he excelled. This is the reason why Big Boss is the Evolution of Hip-Hop, educated and talented. Big Boss continues to work diligently on his music to create a sound that is easy to the ear but powerfully evokes a meaningful message that hits the core of ones heart, mind and soul. It is undeniable that Big Boss is the change that Hip-Hop can believe in. DISCOGRAPHY Compact Disc #1: IM STILL HERE 1. Intro 2. Get Buck 3. I Miss U 4. Boss Barre None 5. Before My Time 6. I'm a Pimp 7. Game Face 8. Never Take Me 9. Smoke One 10. All Gone 11. War Zone 12. What It Do 13. We Gon Choke 14. I'm Still Here 15. Nuttin 2 Play 16. Hit the Club Compact Disc #2: JUST LIKE MY DADDY 1. Introduction 2. Long Time Coming 3. Big Will 4. I Run This City 5. Forever featuring Lil' Larry 6. Where You From 7. Hussla's Heart 8. Interlude 9. Still Hatin' - produced by Lamont Catfish Tellis 10. Never Cross Me feat. Bray Sonic 11. Just Like My Daddy 12. Never See 13. Kick the Door In 14. Interlude 15. Shawty Shake Dat Artist Websites - www.myspace.com/tsrbigwill - www.youtube.com/trustylerecords
Band/artist history
Performances To-Date (partial list) DATE PERFORMANCE 1. February 4, 2005 LyBEATrics CD Release Party (Hoffbrau Steaks Restaurant West End) 2. March 12, 2005 Sam Goody (Town East Mall - Mesquite, TX) 3. March 12, 2005 Step One of Dallas Entertainment Spring Break Jam (Abbott Court, Dallas, TX) 4. April 2, 2005 Youth Empowerment Festival (Lincoln High School Dallas, TX) 5. April 16, 2005 Paris Jr. College Concert (Paris, TX) 6. April 22, 2005 Highland Park High School Prom (Belo Mansion Dallas, TX) 7. April 23, 2005 Sam Goody (Golden Triangle Mall - Denton, TX) 8. April 26, 2005 NU*Music Review Battle of the Bands (Northwood University Cedar Hill, TX) 9. April 30, 2005 Robert E. Lee High School Prom (Harvey Hall Tyler, TX) 10. May 6, 2005 Golden Heart Aviation Awareness Day (Mesquite Airport Mesquite, TX) 11. May 7, 2005 Sam Goody (Ridgmar Mall Ft. Worth, TX) 12. May 7, 2005 Amethyst Entertainment Talent Showcase (Lions Club Ft. Worth, TX) 13. May 28, 2005 Kiowa Village Memorial Outting (Lake Tawakoni, TX) 14. June 11, 2005 Sam Goody (Stonebriar Mall Frisco, TX) 15. June 11, 2005 I Wish I Had Waited Stage Play (PlazaTheatre Garland, TX) 16. June 18, 2005 Sam Goody (Richland Mall Waco, TX) 17. July 21, 2005 Heart House After School Program (Park Hill at Manderville and Wildflower at Pineland Apartments Dallas, TX) 18. July 29, 2005 Venice Beach Teen Club (Opening Act for Rap Artist Smitty Arlington, TX) 19. August 27, 2005 Teen Summit (Sponsored by Teen Graffiti Magazine, Lake West YMCA Dallas, TX) 20. September 15, 2005 Golden Heart Aviation Awareness (Frontiers of Flight Museum, Love Field Airport) 21. September 16, 2005 Golden Heart Aviation Awareness (Dallas, TX) 22. September 17, 2005 Mesquite High School Battle of The Bands (Girls Soccer Complex Mesquite, TX) 23. October 1, 2005 Kidz Across America (Saginaw Recreation Center Saginaw, TX) 24. October 7, 2005 St. Philips Saints Football Team Pep Rally (Dallas, TX) 25. October 7, 2005 Planet Kidz (Agnew Middle School Mesquite, TX) 26. October 8, 2005 Planet Kidz (Carpenter Park Recreation Center Plano, TX) 27. October 14, 2005 Kidz Across America (Campbell Green Recreation Center Richardson, TX) 28. October 29, 2005 Harambee Festival (Martin Luther King, Jr. Cultural Center Dallas, TX) 29. November 11, 2005 Kidz Across America (DeSoto Recreation Center DeSoto, TX) 30. November 12, 2005 Kidz Across America (Cliff Nelson Recreation Center Arlington, TX) 31. December 9, 2005 DeSoto Recreation Center (DeSoto, TX) 32. December 10, 2005 Kawanzaa Fest (Automobile Building at Fair Park Dallas, TX) 33. December 18, 2005 Willow Brook Country Club Cotillion (Tyler, TX) 34. January 13, 2006 Planet Kidz (Agnew Middle School Mesquite, TX) 35. January 14, 2006 Planet Kidz (Carpenter Recreation Center Plano, TX) 36. January 20, 2006 Kidz Across America (Hughes Middle School Burleson, TX) 37. March 4, 2006 Kidz Across America (Cliff Nelson Recreation Center Arlington, TX) 38. March 11, 2006 Kidz Across America (Watauga Recreation Center Watauga, TX) 39. March 18, 2006 Kidz Across America (Oak Point Recreation Center Plano, TX) 40. March 25, 2006 Kidz Across America (Hughes Middle School Burleson, TX) 41. March 31, 2006 Planet Kidz Concert (Agnew Middle School Mesquite, TX) 42. April 8, 2006 Youth Empowerment Festival (Lincoln High School Dallas, TX) 43. April 8, 2006 Highland Park High School Prom (Belo Mansion Dallas, TX) 44. April 29, 2006 Kidz Across America Concert (Saginaw Recreation Center Saginaw, TX) 45. May 2, 2006 Nu*MUSIC Review (Northwood University) 46. August 5, 2006 Club Matrix Teen Club Concert (Hurst, TX) 47. August 12, 2006 Richland Mall (Waco, TX) 48. October 13. 2006 Agnew Middle School (Planet Kidz Mesquite, TX) 49. October 14, 2006 Carpenter Recreation Center (Planet Kidz Plano, TX) 50. November 4, 2006 Private Birthday Party (Carpenter Recreation Center Plano, TX) 51. November 10, 2006 Desoto Recreation Center (Planet Kidz DeSoto, TX) 52. December 9, 2006 1st Annual Parent/Teen Graffiti Banquet (Garland, TX) 53. December 9, 2006 Camden Middle School (Rockwall, TX) 54. December 17, 2006 Willowbrook Country Club (Tyler, TX) 55. January 26, 2007 Agnew Middle School (Funtime Live Mesquite, TX) 56. February 2, 2007 DeSoto Recreation Center (Planet Kidz) 57. February 17, 2007 Hughes Middle School (Burleson Planet Kidz) 58. February 17, 2007 Private 16th B-Day Party (Plano, TX) 59. March 3, 2007 Saginaw (Planet Kidz) 60. April 6, 2007 DeSoto Recreation Center (Planet Kidz) 61. April 21, 2007 Balch Springs Spring Fling (Civic Center) 62. April 21, 2007 Youth Empowerment Festival (Lincoln High School) - 3rd consecutive year! 63. April 21, 2007 Highland Park Prom (Belo Mansion Dallas, TX) 64. May 5, 2007 Cinco De Mayo Parade & Festival (Pleasant Grove - Dallas, TX) 65. May 11, 2007 Agnew Middle School (Funtime Live) 66. May 26, 2007 Memorial Day Outting (Kiowa Village Lake Tawakoni, TX) 67. June 9, 2007 Summer Jam Explosion Concert (Balch Springs, TX Civic Center) 68. July 7, 2007 Watson Wedding Reception (Richardson, TX) 69. August 11, 2007 Keepn It Real 2007 - Teen Graffiti Magazine (Richland College Richardson, TX) 70. August 18, 2007 2007 Summer Fest Back To School (Park In The Woods Duncanville, TX) 71. September 1, 2007 Labor Day Outting Summer Jam Explosion Tour (Kiowa Village - Lake Tawakoni, TX) 72. October 6, 2007 Gators Football Banquet (Mesquite, TX) 73. October 27, 2007 Harambee Festival (Dallas, TX) 74. January 18, 2008 Agnew Middle School - Kidz Across America (Mesquite, TX) 75. January 25, 2008 Balch Springs Recreation Center Valentine's Day Dance (Balch Springs, TX) 76. January 19, 2008 Forney Middle School - Kidz Across America (Forney, TX) 77. February 9, 2008 Balch Springs Recreation Center (Valentine's Day Dance) - Balch Springs, TX 78. February 9, 2008 Cain Middle School - Kidz Across America (Rockwall, TX) 79. April 12, 2008 Carpenter Park Recreation Center (Planet Kidz - Plano) 80. April 25, 2008 Agnew Middle School - Kidz Across America (Mesquite, TX) 81. April 26, 2008 Highland Park Prom (Belo Mansion) 82. May 3, 2008 Cinco De Mayo Festival (Pleasant Grove, TX) 83. May 3, 2008 Cain Middle School - Kidz Across America (Rockwall, TX) 84. October 31, 2008 Agnew Middle School - Kidz Across America (Mesquite, TX) 85. November 1, 2008 Reception honoring R&B Artist Lil Larry (Dallas, TX) Rakoo Nation Chopper Tour (12 Dates) - 2004 II Kold Syndicate American Thug Dream Tour (10 Dates) 2005 Deep Ellum, Texas Tour (8 Dates) 2006
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We love performing!!! TruStyle will be coming to a town near year this upcoming year. We will keep you posted!!!! November 20 Big Will and RaKoo Nation Records at Club Tom Cats in Deep Ellum Dallas!!!!! On the same night, you can catch Big Will with the All Funk Band!!!!! December 24-26 Big Will and Angel Tazari in Costa Rica with radio interviews and live shows!!!!!!! We are doing it BIG!!!!!! Catch Big Will at Nairobi's Bar and Grill Soon!!!!!
Your musical influences
Tupac Shakur. He was the voice of the people who don't get heard! The streets and the rap game miss him dearly!!!!
Anything else?
Buy Big Will's album at trustylerecords.gq.nu!!! Don't sleep on the hottest album in the Dirty 3rd!!! TruStyle Records baby!!!!!!
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