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Chad Nordhoff
Chad Nordhoff
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Blues, Country, and American Musical Exploration
Band/artist history
It was some time in 1987. With those big old headphones plugged into the jam box I was listening to a cassette dubbed from my Bon Jovi record. At 8 years old I heard the guitar solo on "Wanted Dead or Alive" and had a conversation with myself: "That's what I wanna do!" "How are you gonna do it?" "I don't know. I guess I'll start and then just keep going until I'm doing it." Simple enough. Id pretend to be Slash with my cardboard cut-out guitar until I got my first guitar from a pawn shop in my hometown of Bloomington, Indiana. Dad and I built a room in the barn for my friends and I to practice in during the summer of 92. But much like today, we didnt get a lot of practice in for all the freestyle jamming we did. The soundtrack of Metallica, Pantera, and Motorhead etc. expanded through the next few years. I never got much into grunge, or alternative, or whatever it was called. John Lee Hooker was playing in my Walkman in those days. All our little groups had gone without singers in those years. Who would want to hear a 15 year old boy sing anyway? But eventually, I thought Id see what my voice could do. As a project for my Rock n Roll History class, I made my first attempt at singing into a multi-track recorder at home. The next day I was cruising along in the passengers seat of my truck when we hit some ice, and then a tree. My throat hit the dashboard and I was unable to speak in more than a whisper for a couple years. The guitar truly became my voice for the last couple years of highschool. Though our band at the time was out of style with Limp Bizkit and Creed, we made some very good original Rock Music! To regain my speaking voice I sang along with Hank Williams, David Allan Coe, Waylon, Willie, Johnny This gradually worked itself out, but when I heard Howlin Wolf sing Moanin at Midnight, things kicked into high gear! As much time I had spent on stage, I still remember being afraid of the open mic. But a dudes gotta play, even if Im flying solo. Fortunately, there were plenty of opportunities to get out and find my chops. I rapidly worked my 4 note range and 15 minutes of material up into a full four hour show and went to work. Memphis felt like home to me for some reason, even before I had gone. In 2007 my then wife and I moved south. For years my day job was performing at a restaurant and bar on Beale Street. Of course its a place known for the blues but I was afforded the freedom to play pretty much whatever I wanted. So, jam on some Black Sabbath for a bus load of tourists at lunch time? Sure. It kept my chops up for the night time gigs. Having spent 6 or more hours on stage, multiple days of the week, this is when I really got the hang of it. In 2012 it all stopped. For family reasons I decided I just wasnt that guy anymore. That spell lasted about a year, it wasnt all bad. But, by now we all know what happened, right? I invited myself to sit on a barstool and play my guitar for a few minutes. That evening it led to about 4 hours of sitting in and jamming with the band and friends. Life has given me plenty of new songs, probably for or five hours of original material if you test me. Though I never quite asked for a gig, Ive managed to take the stage a few hundred times in the past couple years. Now lets get things started! - Chad
Have you performed in front of an audience?
The Acoustic Room, 1501 w Kilgore Ave, Muncie, IN
Your musical influences
YOU! When you come to the show.
What equipment do you use?
Whatever is near by and makes a sound I like.
Anything else?
"Good Work, If You Can Get It" (2010) was recorded at legendary Sun Studio in Memphis, TN. Primarily a Blues album, the songs are typical of what you would hear at Chad's regular shows at Superior Bar of Memphis located on Beale Street. 1. Workin Man Blues (Merle Haggard) 2. My Own Man 3. Superior Boogie 4. Hundred Dollar Bill 5. I Cant Be Satisfied (Muddy Waters) 6. Complicated Man 7. No Place For Me 8. The Wolves 9. Hot Outside 10. John Hardy (traditional) "Chad Nordhoff" was recorded at Airtime Studio in Bloomington, IN. These songs have a bit more Folk sound to them. They are original or highly originalized versions of traditional material. 1. The Flesh Alone 2. 7 Days A Week 3. Youre On Your Own 4. Crow Jane (Skip James) 5. Preachin Blues 6. Poor Boy 7. Written In Stone 8. Death Letter (Son House) 9. Mornin Train 10. Blood of the Lamb 11. Got No Prayer
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