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...bassist of Eternal Now, Valen (sessions), and Barbie Almalbis (sessions)
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A Remark You Made
jamming along to A Remark You Made by Weather Report. I super love this song.
Falling Leaves live version
Falling Leaves live @ gameworx
here we go
Here We Go live @ Gameworx
Nasaan Na (guitar and bass solo part)
Here's a clip of Wickermoss' song Nasaan Na... guitar solo by Jano Queyquep...
Look At Me
Demo of 'Look At Me' which was included in the Jam 88.3 Not Another Christmas Album
I used to lock myself in my room and record bass solo pieces... short ditties that express how i feel... here are some of those pieces... also included are some Wickermoss tunes... and some songs from bands i used to play bass for: Eternal Now and Lemon Tears... enjoy. :D
Band/artist history
I play bass for Wickermoss. coolness! :) Wickermoss is: Roger Alcantara (bass) Reiman Gesmundo (guitars) Leo Barrite (drums) Deo Advincula (vocals) Although generally categorized as an alternative pop/rock band, Wickermoss, straddles genres with ease. Their brooding and melancholic music shows a healthy respect for varied musical styles, reflecting their individual diverse influences ranging from pop to progressive rock. Nevertheless, their original compositions that are infused with beguiling hooks and infectious grooves, are still imprinted with a distinct mark of their own. The band laces their music with hints of their individual personalities, thereby lending an almost reflective approach to the songs.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Get updated with gigs and stuff by joining the wickermoss egroup: http://launch.groups.yahoo.com/group/wickermoss/
Your musical influences
Les Claypool, Primus, Tony Levin, King Crimson, Peter Gabriel, Paul McCartney, The Beatles, Wings, The Blueman Group, Vertical Horizon, Spock's Beard, Genesis, Yes, Rush, Weather Report, Bella Fleck and the Flecktones, Sausage, Laundry, Mr. Big, Third World Project, Rommel De La Cruz, The Itchyworms, Hiromi, Tony Grey, The Jackson 5, William Hung
What equipment do you use?
G&L L2000 bass, my pc, cakewalk, coffee, and a lot of sleepless nights
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