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Chris Brian Gussa
Chris Brian Gussa
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Chris Brian Gussa will give you some of the finest Flamenco, Jazz, Blues, Surf guitar work you will ever hear nestled into a Classic Instrumental style that so
Chris Brian Gussa grew up in the San Diego area with two passions, playing guitar and surfing. (Both south and north of the border) Chris's masterful Flamenco lead work on the acoustic is nestled into the "wettest" and most island like Surf-rock sound you could imagine! Fully produced with Latin rhythm using piano, bass, marimba, bongos, shakers, Brazilian Rosewood sticks etc. This is truly some of the most beautiful music you will ever hear! Says Chris, "I was so blessed by hearing the beautiful Spanish Flamenco Guitar styles from Mexican musicians and surfing in the beautiful Pacific Ocean that it became part of me. These Images have never been more alive to me and they have definitely entered into my music." So then with the help of are imaginations, the Flamenco Surfer, who tells his tales without words, paints a picture for us reminding us of the warm Santa Ana Winds which shaped the beautiful tall glassy waves and of the days when boards were 10 feet long and of the time when you were riding the waves like a King into battle and there was no turning back. And of the nights around the fire with the sound of surf and that stranger that asked in broken English to borough your guitar for a minute and played like you never heard before. It can all be there for you, just get a copy of "Tales of the Flamenco Surfer" at CD Baby. Other CDs by Chris Brian Gussa like "Full Moon In Cancun" and "Guitars Of The Blue Cantina" are also available at CD Baby. Also some FREE DOWNLOADS right here! This music is available for film production and other licensing. Please call for details. 520 586 7955
Band/artist history
Chris Brian Gussa, a true Master Musician...... grew up near the Tijuana border of Mexico in San Diego, California, learning to play guitar at the age of six and was beginning to have a preference for Blues Style Lead Guitar by the age of ten. By the age of 16 he won a KGB radio contest for the title of "Best Blues Guitarist in San Diego" Since then he has played in many genres of music. However, two styles that don't normally seem to go together left the biggest impression on Chris, These styles included, of course, the Blues and the other style was that Spanish/Mexican Lead Guitar Style that Chris always heard growing up. (including not only traditional Mariachi Music but also from listening to a very young Carlos Santana live in Tijuana long before Carlos reached major popularity) Says Chris, "Many years ago, my Dad helped me build a crystal radio that since the age of six, I used to fall asleep listening to. I got to hear the Blues late at night through head phones. One of the stations had their main transmitter on a hill in Tijuana and always signed off saying something in Spanish followed by the most beautiful and fastest lead guitar scale run I had ever heard in my life! I never knew the player's name, but I literally learned the run in my sleep and I think I tried to put a little of that scale into all my music every since."
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Very rarly anymore. I like it when things are just right but I need some real good money these days or it just isn't worth it to me. My real love is the Studio. What artist likes people watching him paint a picture? It's the same thing to me. I'm not a show-off until I can put on a disc and say, "Listen to that, that's me! I wrote and preformed everything on that CD"
Your musical influences
BB King, Montoya, Carlos Santana, Eric Claptian, Grady Martin, Chet Atkins, Ray Benson
What equipment do you use?
I use a Fender Strat for the Electric stuff(played through an old Tyayner Amp TS-75 with an Altech 15" speaker. For the Acoustic stuff an old Sigma. (made by Martin)
Anything else?
Unlike alot of musicians, Im a 100% Pro-American conservative. I have had all I can take from Obama! He should be arested for treason!!!!! The song "Fightin Mad In The Country" is heart felt.
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