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Chattbox is Shane Chatterton's rock/metal musical exploration project, not to be locked into any one genre.
13 songs
To all the Chattbox fans... YOU ROCK!!! THANK YOU ALL VERY MUCH!!! Follow this link... this is not free beats that will get you signed Chattbox Hard Rock/metal From crushing rhythms, methodical bass lines and percussion, to terrifyingly blistering leads melodically shredding the fretboard, Chattbox still leaves room for ambiance, mood setting, and a whole lot of feeling.
Band/artist history
LABEL ARTISTS: Chattbox Kersavage NedRock Go ahead, take a chance... Click here...
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Hundreds of times. Special Moment: Back in the early 90's I split to Fla, with nothing but a guitar in a gig bag and a backpack full of cloths, cd's and the guts of a small combo amp that had some sick distortion. When I awoke on my first morning in St. Pete, I could hear a heavy rock band playing in the garage next door. So I decided to go check out the scene. Of course the music was way too loud for them to hear me knock, so I let myself in. Three sets of eyes instantly turned and glared at me as if to say ' who the fuck does this person think they are walking in here like this' but like any self respecting band they kept jamm'n and finished the song. Once the song was over I got the inevitable "can we help you!" spoken with great irritation, (I'm sure they assumed I was there to complain about the noise.) So I introduced my self, I explained that I had just gotten into town, that I was a guitar player, and that I just wanted to check out their band. So right away I'm like 'my names Shane. Need another guitar player?' Dead silence! Then, after a moment... 'What's up Shane? My names Pete I'm the guitarist and singer, this is Shane Bob on Bass and Shane Beaner on drums. Go get your shit and set up.' The bass player (Shane Bob) was uncontrollably excited 'Dude another Shane, this is fuck'n destiny.' By the end of that day I was the fourth member and third Shane in the Tampa Bay area rock Band 'Organic Jam' named after the scum left on the neck of a guitar after a long jam in the heat of Fla... So one night Organic Jam is set to perform as the middle act at a night club down in Fla. I was extremely nervous to go on, the band that played before us totally rocked, and were definitely going to be a tough act to follow. We got up there, and we couldn't have been more than four bars in when everyone got up and swarmed the stage. We had this nasty Sabbathy sound, real dirty and raw. So this guy gets on stage and starts head banging into about eight feet of PA cab's, gets them rock'n back and fourth and within seconds the top cab falls of and this guys' getting bounced out of the club. Well the whole place went nuts, just a freak'n swarm in front of the stage. Everyone was totally into us, as if the first band never even performed. We rocked that place four about forty-five minutes Straight, non stop Organic Jam in your face. As soon as we get off stage, this chick jams a beer bottle in my face (trying to be cool) chips two of my teeth, and dumps the bottle down my throat. This was to be a paying gig, but we drank so much we left owing the bar over $250, (oh sorry guys' I'm only 19. We owe you what?) This was by far the most memorable gig experience I have ever had!
Your musical influences
Chattbox musical influence really ranges from Mozart To Metal. In Flames, Trivium, Megadeth, Metallica, Anthrax, Pantara, Chattertbox, Bethoven, Mozart, Haden, Supletura, Lamb of god, Killswitch Engage, Wargasm, Death, Cavalera Conspiracy, Black Sabath, Ozzy, Van Halen, Led Zepplin, Rush, Guns - n - Roses, Dream Theater, Racer X, Shred,
What equipment do you use?
Outboard gear A.R.T. TUBE MP STUDIO Alesis sr 16 Alesis hr 16 Alesis Nano Compressor Alesis Nano Verb Behringer virtualizer pro Behringer Tube ultra gain mic200 Behringer Bas V amp Pro Behringer Ultrapatch PX1000 Behringer Powerplay Pro 8 Digitech rp 7 M-Audio Delta 1010 Optimus 10 band EQ Amplification Crate BV-120H head Crate BV 4X12 Onkyo Univox 4X12 Line6 Spider II Guitars Godin LG EMG Ibanez rg 470 Ibanez rg custom Ibanez performer Les Paul Custom Washburn prs copy Yamaha Custom Rogue bass Schecter Bass Studio Elite Custom made acoustic to Gibson specs DAW Controller Behringer B-Control Fader 2000 (BCF2000) Midi Controler M-Audio Keystation 49e Alesis USB Pro Drums w/dual zone triggers w/real heads w/Surge Cymbals Pearl Powershifter Double Kick Pedal Recoding Gear dual Fostex dmt 8-vl linked for 16 tracks digital Tascam 4 track real to real Yamaha 4 track mt2x Pentium 4, 2.6 GHz 1.5GB PC3200 DDR Crucial Ram, running Windows Xp Pro N-tracks 3.5 Ableton Live Reason 3 Toontrack Superior Drummer 2.0 Audio Monitors Bose 301 series 2 Klipsch H-700 Sony SS-U 3030 Techniques (no data) Yamaha HS-50m Microphones MXl 990 MXL V63M sm58 2 Senheiser condenser overheads Shure 55s Shure 33-107 AudioTechnica
Anything else?
Please visit these other artists on Chattbox Records... www.soundclick.com/nedrockwww.soundclick.com/kersavage
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