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Al Di Cicco
Al Di Cicco
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World music and jazz instrumentalist.
Love Fatigue
Today #98 in Smooth Jazz subgenre
Love's in Season
Today #75 in Lounge subgenre
Ballad for Flute
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Band/artist history
I studied with some tremendous pianists. I began at the Alan Swain Studio in Evanston, Illinois. His guides to jazz provide a sound basis for aspiring jazz pianists. When I moved to California I studied with Jack Reidling, who at that time was THE Disney studio keyboard player. Do you remeber the Disneyland Electrical Parade Theme? That was Jack playing. He was also the most accomplished sight reader I've ever met. He shared the secret to achieving this. I simply haven't found three years to dedicate to this endeavor! My favorite teacher was Dick Grove, who headed the Grove School of Music in Van Nuys, California. Thousands of musicians passed through the doors of that school. I was fortunate to study privately with Dick on Sunday afternoons. He was one of the clearest thinkers on how the most basic elements of music are sometimes the most important and demanding of our attention.
Your musical influences
I can listen to Joe Sample any time, anywhere. He is undoubtedly one of the most tasteful musicians of this generation. It was a thrill to finally hear him live in Chicago a few years back. He likes to communicate with the audience and share stories about his songs. He's the type of man I'd love to share dinner with. Chick Corea and Herbie Hancock remain rooted in accoustic music, yet continue to expand the range of electronic keyboard magic. It's always a thrill to hear their latest ideas. Oscar Peterson's music is shear genius. His music makes me simultaneously want to make more music and despair over the amount of ground there is to cover. Andreas Segovia is my favorite classical guitarist. The sound of classical guitar is one of the purest, most pleasing musical sounds to me. I've always enjoyed Steely Dan, their creativity, and their ability to recruit the industry's best studio talent. I also feel their studio recordings are among the most consistent and highest quality. I'm looking forward to seeing them at last in LA this summer. (Update - it was awesome. Top notch and studio quality from start to finish!)
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