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paroxian productions
paroxian productions
14 Tracks
Behold I am trance. Trance Music is our life. I make it, eat it, breath it. I even sleep trance. How? you ask. Can you say obsession like we can?
9.16.05 We've just uploaded a few new tracks you kids haven't heard yet. "The Twilight Ours", "Tucan Japan Part II (Piddle Paddle mix)", and an updated version of "Portle to a Tourtle", "Anthem for an Empty Warehouse(DnB mix)." All tracks off our new and upcomming album, "Fall Back To Offensive Positions." Stay tuned. DJ Seraphem
Band/artist history
When I was but a lil' kid (DJ Seraphem), i was introduced into the world of electronica by a video game for the original playstation consol. It was called "Einhander", a fast-paced side scrolling shooter similar to R-type. But it wasnt the game that captivated me, it was the music. All though of course then I thought all electronica music was called just, well, Trance. It wasnt untill I ventured out into the world that i met my biggest influence, Mike Cassidy, who taught me the way and showed me the light. I was never the same again. Thanks Mike...this is all your fault. (j/k) And ever after, Me and our crew (DJ Seraphem & DJ Proagg) have banded together to create Trance music. Why? Because music to me is my biggest way of expressing myself in the world to other people. It's a very important thing to me, and it always will be.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
No, as of yet I'm still blossoming into the world of trance as DJ's, and we hope to begin throwing underground raves very soon.
Your musical influences
I am a fan of Voodoo & Serano, Blank & Jones, Ian van Daul, Christopher Lawrence, DJ Sammy, Major League, Darude, Lasgo, various J-pop...lots of trance.
What equipment do you use?
I used Fruity Loops for all the songs currently on the site, but we are begining to implement more studio quality production software such as live 5.1, cubase sx, reason 2.1, and Logic. As a result of this, our new songs may not come out as frequently, but you can be sure they'll be better than ever!!
Anything else?
I'll probably be throwing a rave in the central Virginia area this summer. Email me if you're interseted. Other than that, I'll be at "Audiogiest" in Fredricksburg on October 31, and Serendipity 2006 in July.
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