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Joliet's Favorite BarStar. Known to frequent dive bars and suburban dance clubs alike. Known to hit the late night drive-thrus, polo clad.
I have been rapping since I was 12 years old. I am white. I like to drink alcoholic beverages and derive stories from said consumption. I am a hater.
Band/artist history
KMC began rapping in 1997 on a label created by him and Mac Dizzy called East Back Recordings. His first full length album came out in 1998 , titled " The Laid Back Payback". This recording was more comical than later installments. In 1999 KMC formed Major Player Records with former rapper Nick " 14k / Restricted" Mammosser. KMC's style during the 97-00 period was unpolished and mostly just freestyles with a hook written. KMC did some group work also during this period. He and Mac Dizzy formed a group called hWg . They released 3 LPs as this group , dissing a local group of rappers on it from 1998-2000. Also affiliated with this group were NeMo , Smoke Dogg , and Freddie B. KMC then would voyage into High School which seemed to be instrumental in his lyrical growth. Meeting a vast deeper range of people really opened his eyes into a different world. He would go on to create his greatest works during his high school endeavors.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I play live in my living room. It's a good time. Once a neighbor seen me doing it.
Your musical influences
2pac ,John Mayer ,Donald Fagen , C-Bo , Canibus , Daz Dillinger , Dave Matthews
What equipment do you use?
$11 Logitech Mic. My brain. Whatever beer is on sale. Acid Audio Suite. Magix Audio Cleaner.
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