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The Natrals
The Natrals
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An ametuer four piece blues band with a sound like a cross between Jimmy Reed and Paul Butterfield.
"The Natrals" is the band name of four teenage musicians who's repretoir includes mainly blues and some rock.
Band/artist history
I would have to say that my love of music started when I was in fourth grade and picked up my first instrument, the clarinet. After playing this instrument for a year in the school band, I added another instrument to make myself a little more unique and versatile, the alto saxophone, which brought me to love and respect Jazz and a limited spectrum of blues (I didn't really know what it was then). That same summer I decided to play yet another instrument, although it was still a saxophone, the soprano sax, which gave me a whole new idea of the versatility of the saxophone family. I came to love and respect jazz even more, and started to learn what you can do with a horn. That same summer I also started playing piano, partially to give me a new perspective on music theory, which was entirely successful. On the christmas of that same year, I finally got a guitar, which is what I now use whenever I record anything on an electric (due largely to the fact that its the only electric I have). It first lead me to love classic rock and new styles of jazz (Larry Carlton, Michael Franks). I first fell in love with the blues the following year, when my father brought home a CD he had borrowed from a friend at work with works from Robert Johnson to Howlin' Wolf to B.B King to Janis Joplin. The first track on the CD was Robert Johnson's "Cross Roads Blues" which addicted me instantly. That same year I also picked up the stand-up bass (the band instructor requested it) and first started playing around with the electric bass in the school jazz band, which helped me immenseley when it came to reading sheet music, an invaluable talent for every guitarist and especially for bass players. Very recently, I met , who works as a teacher at my school. He was the one who, although he didn't know it, inspired me to add my page to soundclick. coming sooon... coming soon... coming soon...
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We have a few scattered gigs that are set up by adult friends, especially , who has helped us in many ways.
What equipment do you use?
Fender and Epiphone guitars Ludwig drums Ziljian cymbals Various basses Fender and Peavey guitar amplifiers Gallien Krueger bass head SWR bass cabinet Shure microphones
Anything else?
We want everyone to know that the blues won't die out, as long as young people like us keep playing.
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