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Josh Brahm
Josh Brahm
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Incredible instrumental piano music by Josh Brahm! He also records with guitar, bass and drums.
She Sleeps
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Falling Faster
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A Dream Becomes a Reality
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Seperated Together
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My name is Josh Brahm, I'm 21 and I've been playing music for 17 years. I play piano, guitars, bass and drums, so I usually record my music alone in my home studio. Most of my music is inspired by love and friendship, and the memories I have of growing up.
Band/artist history
I began guitar lessons at the age of 4. I liked it a lot, although pressing the strings down on the fret board hurt my fingers, and when we moved 2 years later, I gave it up. I began piano lessons at 6, and was classically trained up to the age of 18, when we moved from CA to GA. I taught myself how to play the guitars and drums about 4 years ago. I was part of recording 2 CD's in a professional studio in CA with my church, and I'm recording my own now.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I've played live for years. I've played in 2 international piano concerts with pianists from America, Europe and Japan. Those were awesome because you had to work so hard to play perfectly, but in the end it was so worth it! My old band "Even Us" played at some of the larger community centers and a baseball park in CA. I've been playing in church from the age of 12. I recently gave a full piano concert with my own music, which is where my first CD was recorded. Now I play at churches and concert halls around America and Europe.
Your musical influences
Jon Schmidt is awesome. I love Michael W. Smith for his contribution to piano music. I'm also a fan of Steven Curtis Chapman for his guitar stuff. I picked up most of my drum licks from listening to Dave Matthews Band songs 50 million times, which is sometimes what it takes to figure out what Carter Beauford is doing!!! I'm really into good piano music. I can cover a larger range, and be more expressive with a piano than a drum set. (although I can't quite be as loud) I'm also a fan of Santana, and pick up a lot of electric guitar ideas from him. Neil Zaza and Gary Hoey are great soloists. I love Blessid Union of Souls for their lyrics. I hope to write lyrics like that someday.
What equipment do you use?
I use a Martin acousticelectric guitar for most of my music, although sometimes I throw in the Yamaha classical I've got too. The concert I recorded for example was a Steinway baby grand piano with great sound. (and horribly sticky key action!) I use a baby grand at my chruch for most of my recording now, along with whatever instruments I can get my hands on, from Taylors to Fender electrics.
Anything else?
If you have any comments, questions, advice, etc. you can reach me at evenjosh@hotmail.com. I love feedback! I hope you enjoy the music, and God Bless!
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