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Memphis Nights
Memphis Nights
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Australian artist - with the American Name. Old School Funk/Rock and Blues - Meets new School Sounds. The result..... MemhisNighTs.
I Wanna La-La-La With You
Memphis Nights Australian artist - with the American Name. Old School Funk/Rock and Blues - Meets new School Sounds. The result..... Memphis Nights. A borderline-ride between Funk/rock and Dance. Memphis Nights is a rich cinematic sound. Strong funky beats, layered with full samples and sounds, and infused with one of the most unique voices today - A bluesy, Funky vocals with soul. An old meets new experience, Memphis Nights has a familiar, yet new style. Hailing from Melbourne, Australia and hibernating for years in the county while writing hundreds of songs and recording them onto analogue cassette, Memphis emerged fronting the band "The Swamp Cats" and played for many years before returning to the city again in 2003 as a soloist to pursue the industry with the now digital "full treatment" recordings. In 2008, and now armed with a new "Sampler" release âœTales From Tin Alleyâ쳌, which spans the music of his four full length albums, Memphis Nights is now in Europe in further pursuit to break into the music market. Memphis Nights also avaliable at http://www.cdbaby.com/memphisnights http://www.reverbnation.com/memphisnights http://www.myspace.com/memphisnights
Band/artist history
Raised in country Victoria on Chuck Berry, John Lee Hooker and Springsteen, Memphis hibernated (writing, composing and recording). Emerging with over 350 original pieces Memphis put together a pub/rock band to suit the music tastes of the area. "The Swamp Cats" played for 5 years in just about every backwater bar, party and festival that was going before Memphis was called to Melbourne in the end of 2003. The band couldn't follow and Memphis couldn't stay. Now as a soloist with his own recording studio "Apollos' Lounge", Memphis now has his own music recorded with a new flavour and city influence. A new band will soon come together when Memphis returns to the live scene. Check out Memphis Nights at: www.myspace.com/memphisnights
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes. When ever I can. Since breaking from my old band, it's been hard. I'm a Bass player. Try finding a guitarist who's willing to let a Bassist lead...Not easy. Everyone wants to be a guitar hero...no one will plays second fiddle to a Bassist. So now I do private shows when I can. But when a serious musician wants to get out of his bedroom and into the fire I'd be the first to want to collaborate with him/her.
Your musical influences
I'm very heavy into the old rock and blues stuff..as well as funk. But Springsteen would have to be my biggest influence. My music is designed around emotion and story, kinda built around a soundtrack feel. I love that stuff. When music makes you feel or takes you to a different world. Don't think Celine Dion in Titanic....I'm more Jaws!...haha...sorry.....but it had to be said.
What equipment do you use?
Everything I do is done on bass, either my acoustic Aria Bass, or my electric Rickenbacker. I use these through a Behringer BX3000T Ultra bass head on a Yorkville 410B stage bass amp. All the other music is constructed in the Apollos Lounge studio through a motely collection of vintage and modern monsters. To look into my studio is to look upon the Mier Spacestation! It's really quite tragic, but there are no samples from others. the notes are all true.
Anything else?
you out of questions already....bloody hell this isn't exactly the Rolling Stones magazine is it? Kids....Stay in school. Don't turn to playing music to survive. You won't. It'll chew you up, make you broke and spit you out. You'll be on the streets with nothing. Especially in Australia. The powers that be here don't care about the arts. Spend all your money on lottery tickets and gambling. You'll have a better chance at making money and you'll make your government happy..... Stay in your hive worker bees. Fly outside it and risk being an outcast will lead to pain. I'm long gone....but you can still save yourselves! Thank you...I'll be here all week....Try the lobster.
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