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That's My Word Production
That's My Word Production
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That's My Word is base on music that is real in our life. We express our feeling by making music off of happiness and pain of the everyday struggles. we don't
Thats My Word Production hold music close to the heart giving listeners a part of our life. our goal is not seeking wealth but to share music experience that reflects our life . When times are bad and hard to deal with we release it by music. we don't make shiny beats. you have to have an open mind not a programed mind to hear what we about.
Band/artist history
Worked for Dennis Brown, Shabba Ranks, Sean Paul, Wayne Wonder, Shaggy, Mr. Lexxus, sasha, Kiprich, Red Fox,Foxy Brown, Stone Lovers Sound, Omnibus Sound Yankee, El General, Shine head, Sister Carol, Sizzla, Clapton, Mad Cobra, Bobby Konders, most of V.P. Records artists , Many more.., Dennis Brown (R.I.P.) was my best work cause he past away the producer of the record had unfinished work he called on the studio to have some editing work done, make it short it came out like he sang to whole album live it was great, add new tracks to it was fun and I learned a lot from it. wish i can do that for other artist that pass away.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I have performed in studios, outside in the streets, but best was in the supermarket i surprise everyone by grabbing the mic of the PA System and release rythems about shopping and what was on sale. it was get
Your musical influences
A lot of music push me to show my love for music from rock to hip hop
What equipment do you use?
now i only use Mpc 2000 XL thats it.
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Cold Case Feat. Ni6iRu (prod Lezter)
I Don't Know
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