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Bukshoti BTF
Bukshoti BTF
36 Tracks
Bukshoti, Yung Wunda, Yung Buk, YungCuti, Yung CutiRanks, ...more
Windz Of Da Son - Northson (Prod By Bukshoti)
Peak in sub-genre #76
Feed The Fam - Original Posse LP Predator & Cutty
Peak in sub-genre #7
Scud Missiles - Original Posse LP Predator & Cutty
Peak in sub-genre #7
More Music! Bukshoti aka YungBuk DaMilitant - Originoo Founder Of Northern HipHop and Black Tactics Invites You To Explore The Following: Email For More Details: davlut@hotmail.com AvaiLABEL SoON - Bukshoti Presents: 2Pac On The 7th Day LP - September 2017 Tracklist Bukshoti Presents: 2Pac On The 7th Day - Mixtape 1)Intro 2)Aint Dead Yet 3)Red E 4 Whatever F. Big Syke 4)Run Tha Streetz 5)U Cant C Me F. George Clinton 6)Keep Ya Head Up Pt.1 F. Yaki Kadafi 7)Stop The Break F. Biggie Smalls 8)B.I.G. Baby Interlude 9)Lie 2 Kick It F. Ritchie Rich 10)No One Cares 11)Open Fire 12)Shutt Itt Down F. Hussein Fatal 13)Keep Ya Head Up Pt.2 F. Young Noble & E.D.I. Mean 14)Every State F. Napoleon & Young Noble 15)You Ain't Shit 16)Fortune Tellers F. Bukshoti 17)There You Go (Sluts Like You) F. Kastro & Kadafi 18)These Dayz F. E.D.I. Mean 19)Outlaw Pac Shit F. Young Noble 20)Thugz Mansion (Save Me A Place) F. Nas 21)Time 2 Aim Triggaz 22)No Love For My Enemies 23)My Block 24)Don't Go 2 Sleep F. Kurupt 25)Outro (I'm Right There) -------------------------------------------- (c)2017 ORIGINAL POSSE LP - Predator & Bukshoti - 2018 NORTHWIND LP Bukshoti & Northson - 2017 (Comin SOON!!) Check This link NOW: NEW Black Tactics MIXTAPE ALBUM : Hidden Underground Vol 1 & 2 (1993 - Present) Coming SOON 2018
Band/artist history
Too Much Independent Underground Since 93 - Over 20 Years Strong
Your musical influences
My only influence right now oh-five / oh-six is Fatal & Felony, Muggs vs Gza ... and Smiley The Ghetto Child. Fast forward to oh-eight / oh-nine gotta shout Darkim Be Allah! Peace to The Underacheivers, Joey Bada$$ & Capital Steez....... Twenty 12 - A ChaNGe is CoMiNG! ....Hedz B Red-E Many Tricks In Store For Tha Stormz AHed. Nu HooDIEz Now Available Inquire or Check DAT - http://www.reverbnation.com/blacktacticsnorthpolerecords 2-0-1-4.... Brainwashed?? Get On This Link::!:: Shouts To Fam Break Free FRuM ComMErciAL Linkz::: Northson
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"Sun Rize.. 1977 - 1996 Gotta Respect This... DARE TO STRUGGLE CD Ol' Dirty Bastard - By early 2000, ODB's burgeoning legal career -- 1999 reads like one long arrest -- made it necessary for him to create his own amusement to survive another boring day in court. Why else would he have asked the female prosecutor grilling him on a drug charge, "Do I make you horny?" before falling asleep? ... (November 2004) R.I.P. Ol' Dirty Bastard ... --Don't Forget To Check The NEWS SECTION--
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