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Psique Music Concepts
Hot Production team for hire. Very creative and versatile.
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crunk too
Toy Boxxin
This is what a funky toybox sounds like.
This one should get your head bobbin.
In today's hip-hop and R& B, the consumer is becoming more intelligent and demands tracks to be more musical. Musical hip-hop instrumentals are proving to be the future of hip-hop. Music has always been the way to a person's heart and soul. Music, to an extent, controls listeners. The "Pied Piper" effect hits you when you're in a club, the car, or when you think no ones looking. James "Jam" Johnson and Craig "Soopafry" Frierson formed PSIQUE from the word psyche, which means spirit or soul. Jam, a member of Kappa Kappa Psi Fraternity and Soopafry, a member of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity combined their greek affiliations to pronounce PSI-QUE. These two have unique styles in music and blend to make a lethal and very tight production team. A combined musical backround of 30 years allows them to be creatively unlimited. Most of PSIQUE's works and arrangements do not depend on samples and come straight from the soul. Their musical influences range from Mozart to Dr. Dre. As you listen to the selections on this cd you will hear the influences and the limitless skills for yesterday, today, and tomorrow's sound. From melodic, to rough and innovative, PSIQUE will be eating from a big plate very soon. Let PSIQUE touch your soul.
Band/artist history
* Placed five (5) songs on the "NBA Ballers" video game soundtrack for Midway Games (PS2, Xbox, etc.) * "Radio theme song" contest winners in 1996 for WIIZ 97.9 FM. Song placed in top thirty (30) songs for station's New Year's 97 top songs. * Contracted track for XELA Entertainment Group, Miami, FLA. * Produced 50% of the songs assisted in album development for "Homegrown" the album by BRAVO in Atlanta, GA. Released 2003. * Various remix submissions. * Produced b-side song, "Now That I Found You," for Billboard Chart single, "Can't Hang" by Davyne Featuring Lil Ru and Collard Green. 2003 * Two (2) singles for South Street Records, artist Big Prez. 2003
Have you performed in front of an audience?
No, just producing, arranging, and programming.
Your musical influences
Classical to hip-hop. Rock to jazz. In our music you will hear a touch of all these things.
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