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Tibet Soloworkz
Tibet Soloworkz
20 Tracks
ambient gothic jazz rock confusion
Tibet Soloworkz ia a collection of recordings made between 1986-93 in a very experimental period. influenced by goth,ambience,rock,and new wave,the music is a bit out there.
Band/artist history
after moving to North Carolina in 1986, i went on a recording spree that lasted several years and cataloged over 60 songs written and recorded. most of the songs are very avant guard, a bit strange,but hauntingly interesting. there was a lot of agnst in my life during those years and it ifluenced many songs, helping to shape the songs around my thoughts, as i reflected on the happenings of my life. the songs are mostly experimental, i carried on the Three Years in Tibet tradition of making music out of anything. i used numerous objects for percussion that were not meant to be musicial. also during these years i moved a number of times, and met and recorded with several musician friends,who's influence helped shape some of the songs, will all be on the cds that are available.
Your musical influences
the Mission uk,david sylvian,christian death,coil,red lorry yellow lorry,sisters of mercy,click click,the ministry,dif juz,this mortal coil,coil,the the,fields of the nephilm
What equipment do you use?
fender acoustic, a '72 telecaster steve morse style,carvin dc100,custom vox/fenderjazz bass,korg synth,cdx organ,korg ddm110 drum machine,delays,flangers,phasers,chorus,fuzz boxes,electroharmonix guitar synth,tascam 4 track,teac and peavey mixers,ibanez stereo eq, and percussion made from non musicial items fed thru fx to warp them.
Anything else?
All three cds by Tibet (soloworks) are available from Solid Confusion Records. "Jazzghostheart", "Foxblood", and "Mountrails". i also have cds and mp3s from my other bands here on soundclick: --questfortibet--(Quest For Tibet world beat fusion) --threeyearsintibet--(Three Years in Tibet goth wave) --quest--(Quest jazz rock fusion trio)
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