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Milano (PH)
Milano (PH)
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We basically create our own music depending on our moods.
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Shark's Fin Siomai
Peak position #52
We are a southern progressive rock band located at Muntinlupa, Manila Philippines. We play around the Muntinlupa, Makati and Quezon city area of the Philippines.
Band/artist history
It started when five guys named Alvin, Chaco, Martin, Suman and Oj decided to form a band called "Your mom's original puto". This was the original name but the band decided to change the name to Milano after seeing a box of biscuits with the name "milano" on it's label. The band made a lot of originals but they were not satisfied with the originals that the vocalist made so the vocalist decided to leave the band and the band did not inform the vocalist of any next gigs and practices again until now. The vocalist was replaced by Enzo of the band Thulium. The band also had a late addition. Darryl of Thulium joined the band to play percussions with his backing vocals and ethnic lifestyle to make the sound different and much more heavier.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes we do. In parties, bars, big events and other gigs with other bands around Muntinlupa, Makati, and Quezon city, Philippines.
Your musical influences
Cheese, Korn, Mudvayne, Chicosci, Slapshock, Greyhoundz, Mayonnaise, Deftones, Urban dub, Bob Marley, Story of the year, Thursday, Pantera, Finch, and 311.
What equipment do you use?
We are a rock band: Drums, Two electric guitars, Conggas, Bass, and a Microphone.
Anything else?
Please try to watch all our gigs!!!!