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Victor Compton
Victor Compton
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Victor Compton, Songwriter:Artist Conquering Sun Music Company, France
I am a songwriter, rather than a band. I am looking for groups or individuals to record my material.
Band/artist history
Hello All, My name is Victor Compton. I'm 61 now, and have been writing songs since the age of 15, when I began singing in some heavily armed honky-tonk bars deep in the Kansas countryside. When everyone else decided to become hippies, I became one as well and followed my thumb to California where I spent time in San Diego, L.A., and San Francisco. I then passed a year touring with a communal rock and roll band, doing only our own original material. Eventually I left the band in Venice, California, and stayed on in L.A. for ten years doing occasional solo gigs. Most of the time however, I pitched songs to the various record companies, without success. In 1973 I met a French girl, and married her. In 1981, to escape a Ronald Reagan regime, I finally allowed her to convince me to move to France, where I now live. She divorced me in 1991 and I have stayed here to remain close to my children, who are now adult, and now living far away and taking care of themselves. During my time in France, I survived by working on the quays loading the car ferries. I have been writing songs all my life and have several hundreds accumulated. I have had one song, "My Heart's In Trouble Over You" recorded by Ruby Rendall, a C&W singer from Scotland. This earned me $100, which allowed me to become a BMI member, and gained me the status of a professional songwriter in 1983. After working my whole life away on 60 or so just to stay alive different jobs, I have now reached the age of early retirement in France. Now, all I have to do is write songs every day and try to live on a very tiny income. But I'm having lots of fun, and hope the same for all of you. Cheers, Victor ***************************************************** and as we are all into Music and living to its tune......here are a couple of poems I have written concerning music in my life. The Music There is a music in my soul that holds me like a dark romance; and gives the kiss that turns men pale when caught in webs of circumstance. I've run the black-snake highway nights and burned before the storming throng and heard them screaming "rock and roll !" to urge the ceremony on. I've kissed the heart within the beast and played guitar until fingers bled. I've searched a motel room for peace and found strange women there, instead. But, still I sing and in my pain the stinging metal strings caress and cannot sleep for songs unsung that will not stop and let me rest. I am chained to the love of sound-- the amplified, electric chants..... I move alone, forever caught on feet forever doomed, to dance. copyright 1983 by victor compton ********************************** MUMBO JUMBO (impressions of a rock and roll concert) There's Mumbo Jumbo in the air and Mumbo Jumbo everywhere Mumbo Jumbo incantations, magic spells and strange vibrations. Mumbo Jumbo's in the drums and every gasp, when a guitar hums. Mumbo Jumbo, crowds are roaring Mumbo Jumbo birds are soaring bright aluminium way up high, that leave their contrails in the sky..... and these form Mumbo Jumbo runes Magicians read while playing tunes to crowds that dance and shout with glee Mumbo Jumbo Mumbo ME! Mumbo Jumbo Mumbo ME! Mumbo Jumbo, the rock and roll, moves my Mumbo Jumbo Soul and makes me sing, and laugh and shout to let my Mumbo Jumbo out. And, on the stage, the Captain, kirks..... to Mumbo Jumbo fireworks the Drummer sweats, the Guitars scream inside the Super Trooper beam. "Mumbo Jumbo" the thousands rant..... Until the Captain starts to chant, "Mumbo Jumbo, I'm on the road carrying a Jumbo load ...... Looking for a Mumbo Frail to make her Mumbo Jumbo wail And, when I do and she does me We'll Mumbo Jumbo musically. Mumbo Jumbo, I love you and I'll be Mumbo Jumbo true and we'll have Mumbo Jumbo fun and dance forever in the sun." And the young girls shout, with sexual glee " Mumbo Jumbo Mumbo ME! Mumbo Jumbo Mumbo ME!" They giggle, and jiggle, and sweat with rage and throw their panties on the stage and feed their sensual, hot, daydream to the Mumbo Jumbo Power Stream. For all can feel, if All are One and Mumbo Jumbo until its done, Heaven's Gate will open wide and we'll Mumbo Jumbo, all..... inside. copyright 2010 by victor compton (note : the phrase mumbo jumbo first came into use in 1630 to 1670 and probably originated from slavers overhearing the tribal chants of their slaves. It is defined as meaningless incantation or ritual. But maybe if enough people say it, at the same time..... SOMETHING HAPPENS!)
Your musical influences
All the music from the fifties and sixties, ABBA, Oingo Boingo (Danny Elfman), all Blues, most of the C&W standards, Sousa and other great Marching Band composers, Handel and a number of other classical composers, The Tubes and The Chocolate Watch Band from San Francisco, Ravi Shankar and both his daughters. (one of whom is Norah Jones)
What equipment do you use?
musical instruments and my voice.
Anything else?
I write songs in many different styles. Currently, I am putting all the C&W first in line here on this song page. But you will find many different kinds of music, once you get down the list to "Jim Morrison." I've included songs from two 1960's style rock and roll musicals I've written, as well. "1969", and "California, A State of Being". Psychedelic Art posted is my own.
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