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yMep (english Umer, pronounced like oomerr) is a death metal group from Siberia. We play groovy, encompassing metal fornicated with lyrical themes about cold, famine, the banality of war, and the need to remove all politicians, banksters, and criminals on all sides of the law. Hence the self-prescribed genre "Vigilante Metal".
Band/artist history
yMep began in 1997 as a Brujeria cover band. It featured Tov. Suhov on vocals, Mihaylo on guitar, Petr on bass, and David on drums. Vocalist/lyricist/ideologist Yury G0dl355 (???? ????????) entered in 2001 when Mihaylo wrote a set of originals. Resulting full-length debut album was essentially self-titled and released in 2001 on Excessive Use of the Force Records. In 2002 Umer went on a worls tour and played at the legendary club Satyricon in Portland Oregon. This performance was video recorded but remains unreleased. This 3rd planned (2nd actual) 3-song mini-CD was recorded by an abridged lineup in a few sessions in 2003 during a vacation. It features the fastest ymep songs to date. This intent is also the reason for mini-CD's brevity - "fast, short, and satisfying" said the lead growler ???? ???????? (Yury Gödl355 Den K). Other musicians on this record include ??????? ????? (Mihaylo Noviy) on strings and ????? (David) on drums. Artwork was produced by ???? ????? (Emir Makov). The band decided not to put any printed information on the release. Mini-CD was packaged in DVD-style "booklets". The latest release is a 4-song EP produced in musicians' spare time between 2005 and 2007. It is entitled "????? ? ?????? ?????? ?????" (bones in the grass - trophies of war). Album produced, published, and by Excessive Use Of The Force Records. Online publishing by Sacrificial Records.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
we live not. we are yMep (Umer) and exist in data stream.
Your musical influences
Fairly obvious: Brujeria, Obituary, D.R.I., Cannibal corpse.
What equipment do you use?
firewood, yarn, and animal skins
Anything else?
Whereas anthropologists believe Umer has originated in Siberia, it has not been proven conclusively. Currently various tribesmen may have migrated to Alaska and Pacifistan.