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Instrumental guitar rock, a blend of blues, jazz/fusion, and even classical elements, I like to think my music has an original edge to it.
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'What It Is' Part One
Boogie Europesque
A boogie with a bit of that 'swamp' groove and some laid back guitar.
Something Borrowed Something New
Rock and blues influenced guitar instrumental...'can't sing! ;)
Real Thing (my old band Mickey Finn live)
My old band Mickey Finn original written largely by bassist Bruce Howe with input from the band recorded on a ghetto blaster at a gig late '80s early '90s.
Bleu Finn
"Bleu" = blue in french, me being a finn, and a european I thought I'd have a bit of a play on words with the title.
'DTs' Mickey Finn 1976
Welcome to my music:)! I use Steinberg's Cubase and my guitar to record and create my music. Enjoy!
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Not playing live due to health issues (tremor in my right hand and arm) but I can still enjoy making music with Cubase. Special moments? Backing Bo Diddley many years ago was alot of fun, what a character! Supported Elton John (trio) on his first Australian tour, man, he made that piano rock! Supported Rolling Stones on their '73 Australian tour. Joined Australian band Fraternity when Bon Scott (may he rest in peace) was still the bands singer, before he joined AC/DC.
Your musical influences
My influences are very varied and wide. I love Sibelius (I'm a patriotic Finn ;)) in the classical genre but blues has always been my main influence, especially guitarists, such as Jeff Beck, Albert King, Eric Clapton, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Jimi Hendrix, Peter Green, Carlos Santana, Jimmy Page.
What equipment do you use?
I use a Blackstar SeriesOne 50w combo for live playing and Cubase to compose and record my music. I record my guitar using Vox ToneLab interface or software amp emulations plus software synths/samplers to create the music and backing tracks.
Anything else?
I want to thank all those who have taken the time to listen to and comment on my efforts. Love to you all :) !
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Interesting concept great guitar tone and playing . As guitar lovers and players we could go on for hours lost in the mist of joy we get from playing
I apologize for the delay in responding, Mauri. You see, in recent months, for various reasons, I visited my SC page quite seldom, so I missed your text. Now about the play. Despite its duration (10:46), it did not seem so long to me, because it was interesting to follow the musical thought in all its aspects and twists. I must admit right away that the first part, i.e. piano part, made the greatest impression on me, which, by its nature, is partly in contact with the genre that can be called avant-garde. The parts of the piece with the solo guitar are, in my opinion, more traditional, but there are also some fusion zests here that attract attention. I don't think this play will attract a wide audience, but it seems that this was not your goal when writing it, right? I am impressed by the general atmosphere - something akin to meditation, evoking associations with a kind of soaring at altitude. By the way, this is typical of your music in general (IMHO). Really original material.
Nice easy listening bluesy jam with fine guitar soloing, a little sprinkle of jazz, good stuff.
Wow!!! Your band was really, I mean really rocknin' in the old days, good stuff, I was mostly into funk, r n b, motown bands in the old days, but really dig this. Thanks for the link and your comments, I did discover your link yesterday, I still dream of the old classic format SC had, that was tops, hard to understand this new. Anyway, keep on rockin' Mauri
Hey sorry, I couldn't find your music page, finally figured it out, it was easy for the first one What it is, but the rest? A little complicated, I was looking for kitara. So to the song, a nice bluesy shuffle with some fine guitar playing, good stuff, still don't know your name, so I'll go with MJBerg, used to be I click on the name during your comment, thank you for that, and it took me to your page, now, a little more complicated here at SC, have a great new year and thanks.
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