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I am an artist/producer from Johnston County, North Carolina.I am always up for sellin a beat. Tryin to become big as Dre and Puff Daddy. Hit me up if you want to collab, buy a beat or just want to talk.
Band/artist history
I got started writing like three years ago while I was like 9 years old. I started making beats about a year ago when my parents got me Acid 4.0 for Christmas and after that....
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I have not yet played live but that should soon change.
Your musical influences
Eminem, Mase, Biggie, 2pac, D12, Puff Daddy, Jay-z, Cam'ron, Lil'Jon as a producer, I mean I like most everyone but these are my main influences.My rap style is a little Eminem and Mase. My beats are a lot like what you would hear on a Mase cd or a 2pac cd.
What equipment do you use?
I got a Sony mic,an Emerson mic, Cool Edit Pro, Sound Forge, Acid 4.0, Fruity Loops, Yamaha Keyboard and Multi Channel Sound Manager,yamaha mg10/2 mixing board,hammerhead drum machine,panasonic turntable/synthesizer,active 95 speakers,and a dvd player to sample off movies(smile)
Anything else?
BEATS ARE $15 AND UP. Yes I have to say watch out for Track House from down here they are gonna blow up soon.Go to my site www.home.earthlink.net/roklundrap/beatmaker. And if you ever need a beat or know anyone who does just tell them about me. Spread my name around please.If you want to collab or anything just hit me up.
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