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Rogr Lee
Rogr Lee
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Songwriter/recording artist Rogr Lee's new cd Sexing Up th' Case for War, independently produced in Vancouver, Canada. Themes include global warming, consumeris
Songs and recordings that have gradually erupted with the force of millennia, out of passion, hope, despair, pollution, insanity, irony and partial nudity. The sound is the spirit of folk-rock, but with a global-warming, green-activism edge. And a bit of opera.
Band/artist history
"Rogr Lee began in the Toronto live circuit that brought us Ron Sexsmith, Hawksley Workman and Bob Wiseman. He was raised in rural British Columbia, in West Germany and in Quebec (a youngster in a an oft-traveling Baha'i family), and from a young age was musically, spiritually and "alternatively"-inclined. Rogr's debut CD was called "a beautifully-produced, technically near-perfect, thoughtfully-written, musically clean and competent folk-roots album" (Heather Kelly, T.O. Nite), and he has performed in various parts of Canada and abroad, in between soul searches and creative meanderings. Now, in his prime, at the crux of our times(!), there emerges a new album, "Sexing Up th' Case for War", entirely self-produced by an interesting and very original artist, who is both slightly evasive and slightly audaciaous."
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I LOVE playing live. Done it many times. Maybe I'll do it again some day.. but no more cafes and bars... maybe house concerts.. or concert halls would be nice..
Your musical influences
Music is a mystery. When it's coming from a heart of yearning for truth and wonderment, it doesn't matter what style it is.. Ok someone once said I was "bruce cockburn meets van morrison meets david bowie (and they go out and have a great time)"
What equipment do you use?
voice, hands, wood, steel, computer.
Anything else?
a little weed sometimes