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Dark and Melodious while expressing their feelings of Pain,the Unjust,Love,and the Spiritual through words and music.
Hello and welcome to Imbolg's realm. Right now our main page is down, But here you can post messages for us and download a demo version of our first single "Duisigh (Awaken)". We are working on the complete demo which will be done by next month. Please feel free to contact us if have any quetions about shows or any updates. Thank you and Blessed Be Nate Dal Cais
Band/artist history
Founded by Nate Dal Cais, who was writing music with a few friends decided to look for other musicians on the web and through work or other people. After working with different musicians, Dal Cais decided to team up Torbin the beholder. Torbin had leant his talent of drums, as well as laying down the keyboard tracks. Since both Nate and Torbin can play bass and guitar this seemed to be a perfect marriage for a writing and recording project. Then, We were without bassist before a live show, I decided to have Malacoda come down and play with us,and he has been doing it ever since.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Lately we have not been playing shows. We will start up again in the spring. Right now were working on recording and writing.
Your musical influences
Black Sabbath,The Cure,Type O Negative,The Sisters of Mercy,Malaise,Faith and the Muse,Theatre of Tragedy,Rush,Ours,Jethro Tull,Traditonal Irish folk music and storytelling.
What equipment do you use?
Peavey 5150, Korg Trinity, Boss Chorus, and Digital Delay/Reverb. Korg Ampworks, Tama Rockstar kit, Fender Am. Strat, Gibson Nighthawk, Fender P Bass.
Anything else?
We also have a mysapce page as well http://myspace.com/imbolg
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