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nation of creation
nation of creation
22 Tracks
native gangsta rap,native rap,chicano gangsta rap,chicano rap, music4the Red n the Brown,true native thug music, Mista Sleepy, Isreal
United Kingz Entertainment is the label, Nation Of Creation is the group
Band/artist history
we got homies reppin natives n chicanos...
Have you performed in front of an audience?
yeah we perform live.actually we did acouple of gigz,before we got hemmed up by the poes.yeah the turn out at the lincoln indian center in lincoln,nebraska.we had like a 2day notice to prepare.sh*t was hectic,but we had around 150-200 people cram into the tiny building.afew different artist showed up to perform,trill mccoy was one of them.it was tight.so i got to send love to all are fans,n kzum89.3 for spinning us.
Your musical influences
eazy-e,pac,lil rob,mr.shadow,bone-thugz-n-harmony
What equipment do you use?
actually we clicked up with stronghold productionz,n they got the workz.myself im really digging the micz.itz a major change from all the cheap a** sh*t we were using...
Anything else?
I got to send a shout out to my brother isreal who's currently incarcerated.when u get free itz on,until then im out here holding it down for the nation...mistasleepy13!!! also theres sum knew down a** lil homies on the team, such as lil'mestiz. this homies got some raw a** talent thatz sure 2be heard.on ah different note itz still f*ck kowgli,n all of those that oppose-f*ck u2!!!UnitedKingzEntertainment till the wheelz fall off...MISTASLEEPY13-N.O.C.
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