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Multitalented Songwriter/Artist - SoulMate showcases talent in various genres of music.
BIOGRAPHY SoulMate is emerging into his own as poetic voice lost within the soul of a generation. Originating in Orlando, Florida, through a lifelong dream and pursuit of music, he was reborn into a new discovery of self, his artistic self (the songwriter, the poet within, the romantic, the dreamer, the achiever, the hopeful heart that was and is SoulMate). SoulMate is a multi-talented songwriter, instrumentalist and vocalist with a refreshing new musical presence, who brings with him a distinctively smooth, sumptuous style to the Pop, Rock, Soulful R&B and spicy Latin music of today. With his numerous influences, very unique sense of melody, and a background spanning back over 2 decades of various experience, affiliations, and history within the music industry, it is easy to see why SoulMate is gaining momentum in becoming one of today's premier songwriters. Bridging the gap between the timeless sounds of the soulful 70's, adding a sparkle of classic rock, with a hint of Latin flavor and bringing new grooves to the Hip Hop era of today's music culture, SoulMate has carved out a musical identity truly of his own. SoulMate is earning increased recognition for the heartfelt depth, sincerity and passion he brings to his music. Skilled on keyboard sequencing, drum programming, guitar, bass and percussion, SoulMate is a well versed and talented songwriter/artist who will command a definite presence in this new millennium of music for his generation, past generations, and future generations. With an extensive background in which integrity, substance, self-expression and perseverence shine, look for SoulMate to be at the forefront of tomorrow's ongoing legacy of enduring music influences.
Band/artist history
:: http://www.myspace.com/tonylovemusic
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Not currently. Personally, I would LOVE TOO, but at this time, I am looking for band members, people to collaborate with, etc. Right now, I am basically living in my home studio writing material, expanding my publishing library, looking to collaborate, (i.e. "living for the music, working towards the dream") Most of my time is spent as a Songwriter, opposed to Artist. Due to my current situation(s), the material created is written and directed towards other established artists in the industry.
Your musical influences
Babyface, Barbara Streisand, Barry Mannilow, Bee Gee's, Billy Joel, Bon Jovi, Boston, Brian McKnight, Celia Cruz, Cristopher Cross, Def Leppard, David Foster, Dianne Warren, Earth, Wind & Fire, Eddie Santiago, Elton John, Elvis Crespo, Full Force, George Lamond, Hector Lavoe, Jackson Five, Jim Croce, Jodeci, Journey, K-ci & JoJo, Kiss, Kool & the Gang, Lionel Richie, Marc Anthony, Maxwell, Michael Jackson, Missy Elliott, Motley Crue, New Edition, Paul Simon & Art Garfunkel, Prince, Ready For The World, Selena, The Commodores, The Stylistics, The Time, TKA, Van Halen,
What equipment do you use?
whatever's available at the time: Schecter Electric Guitar, Fender Jazz Bass, "Applause" Ovation Guitar, Roland XP-80 Work Station, CP Congas, LP Bongo, ProTools LE Digi 002r 17" Mac PowerBook
Anything else?
Heart & Soul
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