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Newyork Fusion
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Moyna amar Man Korache.........
Welcome and thank you for visiting the web sight of NewYork Fusion. This is a Retro-mixed fusion band based in Long Island, NY. The Band New York fusion is the creation of what we create and the type of the songs we produce. All songs lyrics are mixed in bangla, Hindi, English format and we tried to introduce the western jazz, Reggae, hiphop and acoustic fusion into it. We are currently inputting our efforts to upload our band's song in this sight. Some information about our band and music is posted here. Please feel free to browse the sight. "NewYork Fusion"
Band/artist history
The members of New York fusion consist of Ahmed Parvez, the songwriter, Imtiaz Ahmed the vocalist, George Babith, vocal, Keyboardist, programming, Khalil Azim, Drummer, percussions, Zulquar nain, vocal, guitar, and music producer. Ahmed Parvez started to write children poem when he was 10. He started to write songs after getting influenced by Zulquar. He is a well-known poet in back home and published more than 10 poetry books. All his lyrics have strong meaning and are blended perfectly with the music. Babith George is a Music composer with over 10 years of music production who worked closely with A.R. Rahman, a renouned composer in The Indian Sub continent. George is professionally trained keyboardist who joined the band and had been playing since 2003. Imtiaz Ahmed, vocalist from Bay area moved to east coast and joined the band. Imtiaz and Zulquar performed concert together with the band named The Legend in west coast. Zulquar nain is a professionally trained Music Producer with over 20 years of music production with different bands that he worked with. His specialty is in “Raags and Folk” and fusing them with retro western music. He started playing keyboard at the age of 7 and started composing music when he was only 12. He also played with the Northern California's most popular Pakistani band 'Legend' for two years after he decided to move to east coast.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
The band Performed their first concert for Bangladeshi Association at Astoria Auditorium 2000. All the songs were performed from their first and second album. The band also uploaded their Bangla Rock n Roll song "Moyna" in MP3 format at MP3.com and Amazon.com's Digital Music Network. The band is scheduled to perform their tour to Boston, Los Angeles and San Jose, CA in the middle of the year 2002.
Your musical influences
Eric Clapton, Mark Knofler, A R Rahman, Hiphop, Jazz, blues...etc. http://www.newyorkfusion.net
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