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Hoot Hoots
Hoot Hoots
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The Hoot Hoots sound like Kix and Pop Rocks in milk. Can you hear The Animal Collective, Of Montreal, and The Unicorns swimming around in the bowl? We do!
Silly Lecture Series - Mutant Powers
We are a four piece band well versed in the art of rock and fun time. We're an amalgamation of friendly faces from across the country and only recently made Seattle our perch. We like ice cream, watching videos of small animals, and as a band could destroy any other band on the face of the Earth in Mario Kart. Our shows are parties and our parties are shows and we'd like to see you at either of those! Contact The Hoot Hoots! thehoothoots@gmail.com
Band/artist history
The story of The Hoot Hoots, like most good stories, starts in the Midwest. This one starts with the births of the Prairie Brothers in Clifton, Illinois. Born into a happy family - named for the lack of geographic features afforded by the land they had settled - the brothers Adam and Chris both caused quite a shock upon their arrivals. Adam rocketed out of his mother's womb wielding a beautiful sunburst finish Telecaster and slammed a power chord that caused malfunctions in all of the surrounding hospital appliances. Then he patiently waited three years until Chris sprung forth in a similar display of pomp and glory, but wielding mighty tree trunks as drum sticks and with these, Chris began thundered mighty beats on the thighs of his poor exhausted mother. It wasnt long before the two sought grander venues and similarly epic band mates for their rock, so like the Denny brothers before them, Adam and Chris headed west for the coast. The road was a strange and adventurous place. One day the brothers Prairie found themselves smoke jumping somewhere in the foothills of Colorado. Deep in the woods they found bassist Geoff Brown, fighting a forest fire with his bare hands while leading animals to safety with his ground-shaking bass. Together the three quickly snuffed out the blaze with the combined force of their sheer epic-ness. Being epic felt good, but there was no reason the band couldnt be prodigious. The three continued west with great success until they neared Pacific and became hopelessly lost on Bainbridge Island. There they struck upon Christina Ellis levitating in the Lotus position with a keyboard in her lap and a trumpet floating at her side. Taking this as a sign the band asked for directions and invited her along on their trek to the sea. And the foursome was prodigious indeed. From Bainbridge the bands trek to the ocean was short and when they arrived at the coast they found an Orca whale pod jumping through the waves. If there was a word more epic than prodigious, it would certainly be used to describe this very meeting , but there isnt. Anyway, there arent a whole lot of venues out on the Olympic Peninsula, so the band, with the help of the Orcas, rode into Portage Bay, and set up shop in Seattles U-District. Where they now (mostly) reside. And that is the story of The Hoot Hoots.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes we play live out in Seattle all over the place.
Your musical influences
Other musicians
What equipment do you use?
Fender, Korg, Nord... etc...