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DJ ESP aka EStrong aka Da Glock DJ
DJ ESP aka EStrong aka Da Glock DJ
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hiphop, turntablism, old school, dancehall, scratching, scratch, beats, bass, funk, planet rock
Part Hip Hop, funk, techno, house, bass, dancehall, punk and old school. Often confused with a confused white boy, just don't expect shit cause I don't even know what shit I'm gonna do next.
Band/artist history
Started DJ'ing in 1989. Still doing it now. Never did battles or contests, mostly club, parties and old school shit. Working on beats, samples and various other "studio" shit, and crazy turntablism-ish type stuff. I just throw stuff together and go.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I've done "shows". Depending on the setup it can be fun or a pain in the ass. Tons of people getting off and of course some cash make it better but I've done gigs for free and had a blast. Best spotsparties I did; Music Hall, Bogarts, Loveland Castle, WareHouse, City Lights all these in Cincy.
Your musical influences
Everything from a to z all types of music.
What equipment do you use?
Technique 12's, Vestax DJ mixers, Rane DJ Mixers, Native Instruments products including Traktor Scratch, Roland samplers and drum machines, Macke mixing boards, Ramsa amps and speakers, Ortofon cartridges.
Anything else?
Always working on crazy mixes and beats, dropped some basic BS vids on Youtube, nothing special.