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I have a dream to get *140 Hit Songs for the Planet* on the charts. That's one hit song for every 1000 endangered species that need our help. It's huge -- but
On The Clothesline
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To Bee (or not to Bee)
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Hearts And Hands
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Set The Water People Free
Peak in sub-genre #34
On The Clothesline
I have a dream to get *140 Hit / Love Songs for the Planet* written, recorded and on the charts. So, I am working with other musicians to co-write and record a bunch of environmental songs. That's one hit song for every 1000 endangered species that I want to help save from extinction. It's the least I can try to do for the 140,000 endangered species that may go extinct this year. However, to make *140 Hit Songs for the Planet* a reality, we need the help of hundreds (or thousands) of talented musicians and producers worldwide. Therefore, I also want to use VoxErth and *140 Hit Songs for the Planet* to inspire musicians around the world to get rolling on their own environmental songs too. If you think we need *140 Love Songs for the Planet* too, please consider sponsoring one of the eco songs I am working on, or sponsor the VoxErth project itself. If you sponsor a specific song, I will give you a percentage of the song's copyright and a certificate of co-ownership in your name, or in the name of your choice if it is a gift. You will also get a happier planet with your song too -- of course. Your copyright percentage depends on how much you contribute. Contact me to sponsor a song and I can send you the lyrics or a sound-file of some of the eco tunes I am working on. Or, check out this VoxErth.net blog and sponsor one of these songs, or, suggest a song relating to an environmental concern you have or a favorite eco solution. For all the life, Stele XOEarth.org 72O.34O.8O8O
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Imagine... thousands of fans working with musicians, artists and writers to manifest a wave of powerful media that inspires others to care for the planet. Imagine... thousands of beautiful, edgy, conscious environmental songs, art pieces and writings that debunk and silence the advertising that feeds materialism. Imagine... millions of people taking eco actions because of the music, art and words that inspire them to manifest an ecological society that honors all the life that loves to live. Join us in this crucial movement to get out more ecological songs, art pieces, articles and videos that affirm our love for this exquisite planet and empower our commitment to protect it every day. For all the life, Stele Ely Director
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Highlights / Drake Type Beat (2 For 1)
Stardust (Rick Ross x Nipsey Hussle Type Beat)
Red Roses (BUY 1 GET 1 FREE SALE!)
Worst of you