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Geoff Davis
Geoff Davis
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Eclectic blend of pop/rock, acoustic folk, blues and country
I Belong To You
Geoff Davis is a singer and songwriter of rare talent from the UK. In the past he has fronted the pop/rock band The Freudian Slippers and the acoustic based trio Davis, Edwards & Riley, the latter often having the acclaimed violinist Graham Smith (formerly of String Driven Thing and Van Der Graaf Generator) as a guest at their gigs. A number of his songs have been broadcast on BBC Radio and he has also performed his material, along with Dave Edwards, Syd Riley and Graham Smith, on British television. Geoff's Album Ancient Wisdom, Modern World displays his talent as a singer and a songwriter with its wide range of musical styles, brilliant lyricism and variety of vocal techniques. The album is now available to buy online from It is also available in MP3 download format. Further details can be found by clicking on the "store" link on this page. You may also be interested in seeing Geoff's pages. Geoff is listed in the following directory
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Played regularly in the Bristol area for many years and also regularly in Italy more recently. One gig I'll always remember is a charity gig at the Farrington Inn in Somerset in 1997. People used to hearing the gentler, acoustic side of my music were blown away by me belting out rock and blues numbers!
Your musical influences
I've been mainly inspired by artists who write great lyrics like Dylan, Paul Simon, Leonard Cohen, Joni Mitchell, Al Stewart, Elvis Costello and of course The Beatles and The Kinks, two bands who, in my opinion, have never been surpassed in terms of marrying great tunes to great words. I was very disappointed a few years ago when, having purchased a ticket for a Ray Davies concert at Bristol's Colston Hall, I had to miss it because of illness!
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