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Berkeley's Finest
Berkeley's Finest
1 Track
Just some young pimps playaz and hustlas outt B-town California tryna let em know how we get down out here. Money motivated at all times.
B-Town Savages
Peak in sub-genre #31
Berkeley's Finest is exactly what it sayz. The tightest rappers outta Berkeley, California aLL on this bumpin ass compilation puttin our new label Town Records on the map u dig? Gettin this legal paper so we aint gotta stay out here in this dirty game cuz who knowz what could happen.
Band/artist history
Born and raised in South & West Berkeley. Were it's rough livin all around...and we tryna do whatever we gotta do to get this money so we can live right and have our families livin' right ya feel me mayne?
Your musical influences
Me personally (D Dosia) I ben infulenced every wich way by all kinds of different music. I like them jazzy smooth beats with lots of guitars and pino's n stuff but then I'm also into them futuristic digital beats so I guess u could say old school flavors meetin new school mentalities.
What equipment do you use?
ASR-10(keyboard), Akai DPS16(Recorder)....are the main peices with a bunch of other lil side peices, mics compressors pre-amps guitars and I cant name it all.