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Zero Consent
Zero Consent
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Ska-punkin' rock from the pretty city of Southampton, ready to skank your socks off!
We're a ska-punk band from Southampton UK. We are a four-piece band with Guitar, Bass, Drums and Trombone! Members are Lee, Steve, Ryan and Bex, we love oral sex and spitroasts.
Band/artist history
Long days at work or studying followed by uneventful evenings at the pub pretty much sum up the last few years for us. Having played in so-so bands filled with potential but lacking direction for years, Steve and Lee got talking one night about their ambitions. They'd first met at school several years back, both into their music, and both spent many lunch times milling about the music room doing nothing of significance. Thats as far as their relationship extended back then though. They knew each other but didnt talk to one another, different peer groups, different people. School ended for Lee and he went to college, quickly forgetting Steve Stokes existed. It was at Tauntons College Lee started to take his music further. Back then his weapon of choice was the piano. The Britpop and Indie scene was nearing an end, but caught up in the nostalgia of it all Lee formed a band with a couple of friends that went by the name of Generic. Generic was your average college band; nothing special, sounded ok but unoriginal, and was really just something to pass the time. Generic split apart and Lee found himself helping out a band by the name of The Panj Project with some session work one night. This is where he met Bex, who was drumming for them. One thing led to another and Lee soon joined them as a permanent band member. The sound was heavier, and was clearly Radiohead driven. Lee stayed in this band for about 18 months. At first it was everything he wanted; a band with potential, a new sound, and a band that gigged. However during this time Lee really got into Punk and Ska. As it became a bigger part of his life he became more unsettled stuck behind a keyboard, and grew apart from the sound of the band. Eventually he quit the band and headed off to Uni in Wolverhampton to experience student life. Steve's story isnt a million miles away from Lee's. At the end of school, he too went on to Tauntons College , a couple of years after Lee had. He'd been drumming for years and had become quite a respected musician amongst his peers. It was around this time that he and a few friends joined up to form a band which, after several guises, became known as Woot. Woot again showed a lot of potential; they played local gigs and quickly established a small but loyal following. Things were looking good, the gigs seemed to fall at their feet. Steve saw the potential and tried to push the band further but it seemed that as a band they were reluctant to further themselves. Becoming increasingly frustrated with the guitar section in the band, Steve started to teach himself guitar and picked up the basics very quickly. He soon became just as good as the guitarists in Woot. He showed them that progression through practice was possible, but still they didnt seem interested. He drummed on, not really sure what to do, not content that they sounded fairly good and that they had a small following. He wanted more. Bex, for 3 months or so, was the 3rd and final part of the Zero Consent jigsaw. She's played for over a year in The Panj Project with Lee, drumming away every Friday night in the music block of Tauntons College after spending the day, in most cases, skiving school and not doing a huge amount. Bex became discontent within the band for various reasons, and eventually left to go her own way. She went to college but didn't see it out, leaving at 16. The next year or so was fairly uneventful, and things ticked along at their own pace. Bex still hit the sticks occasionally, sometimes helping out The Panj Project, but that was really about it. No new band and no continuation of the drums in any large aspect. Until this... The lastest addition is Ryan. Before Zero Consent, Ryan never played in a band outside of the Brass band which he's still in. Influenced by new wave punk and ska, he tried to get into a band playing bass or guitar but couldn't find any takers, so stuck at the brass band, biding his time. So thats us before Zero Consent. How did we come together as a band? Are you sitting comfortably? Then we'll begin... Uni didnt last all that long for Lee. In fact it lasted a total of 10 weeks. He soon was back in Southampton and looking for a job. He'd also been checking the website for his old band (who now had reformed without their singer, and had renamed Three Quarter Smile) as a way of keeping in touch with them. Posting on their site one day he noticed someone by the name of Steve had posted who seemed to know who he was. They got in contact through TQS's site and got talking about music, what they'd done, and more importantly what they wanted to do. As it turned out, their ambition and direction were very similar. Both wanted something to put a lot of time and effort into, they both longed to be in a band with a sound they loved and enormous passion and dedication. Steve wanted to front a band, and with his guitar skills developing very quickly this became plausible. Around this time Lee started learning the Bass. He picked up the basics quick enough, and before long they were both practicing together. They decided on the name Alchemise at first. However a pretty hectic month or so for Steve with Woot meant that Alchemise was temporarily put on hold. However, a short while later, Woot started to implode. Steve and Lee started to talk about the band again. But this time properly. 'Alchemise' was scrapped as a name, 'Zero Consent' became the new one. Practice became too loud and too often to be in bedrooms and front rooms, so they started paying to use practice studios. Zero Consent had taken off. A lot more time was put into it, and also a lot of money. The practices are sounding better every time, the passion ever growing. The song writing started, the hard work kicked in. It became clear that they would need a full time drummer sooner rather than later, but there just didn't seem to be anyone about. Session drummers became the normal, which is, to a degree, how Bex entered the frame. A few hours before practice one day, Lee was ringing around all the drummers he knew to see if anyone was about, and he just so happened to ask Bex. Bex was more than happy to help out, and she went along. She seemed to pick up the songs that Steve and Lee had written instantly, and despite a long absence from the drums she sounded superb. Straight away Steve and Lee knew she was right for the band... they asked her to join permanently, she accepted, and that was that. Finally came Ryan. After a few months as a 3 piece, the sound was getting tighter and more adventurous. Steve and Lee's love for ska started becoming apparent in the new tracks that were being written. They were sounding pretty cool but needed something extra. The long search for some session brass began without much luck. After a while, Steve got in contact with Ryan who he'd known from his time in the brass band. He came to practice one day, and played through a few tracks. Straight away Zero Consent gave up looking for a session trombone player and asked Ryan to join as a permanent fixture which he did. And that, as they say, is that.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yeah we play live quite a lot, usually around Southampton, although we have a UK tour next summer, touring about 21 cities. We love it :p
Your musical influences
Our influences range from heavier bands such as The Used to bands like sublime and catch 22, hence the ska-punk genre!