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Quiet Town Ent
Quiet Town Ent
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In an era where hip hop has become centered around money, drugs, jewels, and baller status; few groups have been able to emerge as major contenders in the rap game. Not since "A Tribe Called Quest" has a group stepped into the industry with a multi-diverse sound thats ready to take the game by storm. Almost a decade later a group based out of the Philadelphia region is ready to plant their mark on the rap industry. A group that has learned to skillfully balance the scale and touch listeners on multiple levels by being commercial or street, or a combination of both. Quiet Town Entertainment is proud to introduce to you Maverick, Cutty, and S.J. better known as Q.T.E
Band/artist history
The summer of 2002 marked the beginning of Quiet Town Ent. (Q.T.E.). B-Eazy the groups manager,Cutty and S.J. come up with a plan to create a buzz around the streets of Norristown and get their music heard. The two came up with a plan to hit the streets with a mix-tape comprised of music from different artist from around Norristown and Philly. The CD which was named Best of Da Boro did just that created a major buzz around the hood. Equipped with only a couple of instrumentals and a couple of dollars in their pocket B-Eazy rounded up a couple of the hottest local rappers and hit the studio and began recording songs. Feeling the chemistry that Maverick, Cutty, and S.J. blessed on tracks Maverick came up with the idea that the three should be a group. Each had been solo artist before but they felt that if they worked together that they could get a record deal faster. Feeling this new energy the group got focused. Over the next couple of summers the group began to purchase studio equipment and literally lived in the studio for almost two years. To date the group has recorded over 200 songs and made three official CDs. Da League recently hooked up with a producer by the name of Dirty-Kleen who is making a huge mark on the industry. With the help of Dirty-Kleen, Da League has met with major producers such as Mike Hype and talked to A&Rs from Def Jam and Philadelphia International.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We have performed at clubs in philly most recent Club Flow,a few spots in New York , many college campuses in PA... and every corner in Pa "We Keep it Gangsta"
Your musical influences
Biggie, Jay-Z, Pac
Anything else?
STREET TEAM H.N.I.C - Nasir Fowler aka 'Naz' Mig ^N.J. Slim^N.Y. Dre^N.Y. Tasnawna^N.Y. Lisa^Philly B-Snacks^Norristown/Philly Da Dream^Norristown/Philly/N.Y. Big Lee^Philly Drexann^Delaware Skinzz^Philly Moe^Norristown/Coatsville/Philly Contact: QTESTREETTEAM@HOTMAIL.COM Special shout outz: Dirty Kleen Mr. Kurtas Sounds of Norristown Club Flow
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No One Lonely
All My Goons-
Can't Stand The Rain
Scurvy (Roddy Rich type beat)