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Blue Lotus
Blue Lotus
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Acoustic Rock similar to Dave Matthews Band meets Norah Jones. Add in some eclectic spices stir the pot with diversion and bake in an all star cast. We are a C
We are a Folk Rock band that colaborates Jazz, Pop, Rock, Alternative, Celtic, Orchestral, and Blues sounds. Come in, sit back and relax to the Blue Lotus!
Band/artist history
In October 2002, Dan Torok began a journey to create not only a record but to create a group of musicians that understood each other. Quickly writing new songs, Dan Torok used music to mend his wounds: in 2004 while Dan was away in the Antarctic, his father and both his grandfathers passed away. Marked by music that spreads the pallet from anguish to joy, Dan Torok & Friends is positioned to become the next break through AAA group. Dan Torok & Friends uniquely fuse Folk, Pop, Jazz, Soul, and Rock & Roll. Vocalists like this cannot learn it. It comes with the skin you are born in. states Steve Gilmore (Soundclick.com). The band plays a Folk style Acoustic arrangement with an Electric/Acoustic Bass, Celtic Rock Violin, Jazz Saxophone, and a brilliant Drummer. The bands album features Paul Ossola from Saturday Night Live on the Electric Bass, Keith Lowe (Fiona Apple, Dave Matthews) on the Upright Bass, Matthew Burgess (3 Doors Down) and Graham Hawthorne, currently on tour with David Byrne, playing drums/percussion. 8 time Grammy nominee, Barry Danielian (Paul Simon, Billy Joel), plays the Trumpet along with Trombonist Clark Gayton (Prince, Sting, Matchbox 20). With support from John Montagna of Alan Parsons Live Project, Mark Stewart of Paul Simon, Ben Smith of Heart, and the world renowned Total Experience Gospel Choir, Dan Torok & Friends continue to break the boundaries of traditional Jam Band music. Dan Torok & Friends is currently finishing their first studio album, Guarding the Coast of Antarctica. Featuring songs written by Torok, Antarctica, is already receiving critical acclaim from top musicians around the Country. Listen, Relax, and Enjoy.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We will start with a small summer tour of the North West in 2005.
Your musical influences
Dave Matthews Band Paul Simon Santana
What equipment do you use?
Only the best =)
Anything else?
Thank you all who have looked at this site. This site might not be much at the moment but because all of you listened our website on soundclick.com has been viewed well over 1000 times in the first month. Thank you!
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