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Electronic Synthesizer Music
Instrumental electronic music from solo artist Oxygene65. Due to the rigors of normal working life I find creative time a luxury that I very rarely afford. My music is rushed, each of these tracks have been done in a day. I'm waiting to win the lottery so I can spend the rest of my days working properly at music and spending some time developing the few and far between ideas that spring into my vacant head. I try not to use PC based VSTi's. Or any PC based sounds. Unless its absolutely nessasary. 99% of my music is from outboard equipment. I use my PC for MIDI sequencing, and the odd audio loop. As well as using it for recording and mastering. I find that relying on a computer too much is a recipe for disaster. I feel there is a more of a sonic depth doing it the old fashioned way. You can hear the fruityloops/reason tracks a mile off. I prefer a shit load of synthesizers and an analogue mixing desk. You dont rely on a single processor. Not only that. But if you wanted to perform live at least your surrounded by synths with impressive flashing LEDs.
Band/artist history
The whole music thing started off with Me and Lewis Gray, writing from the mid 80's. We performed large outdoor gigs in the early 90's. After a long long time or writing together we decided to go our own separate ways and concentrate on our own solo work.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Played live in back in the mid 90's at big outdoor festivals to big audiences. The pinnacle was performing to 70,000 people. Lewis Gray and Myself were accompanied by a fireworks diplay, lights and projections. Although 99% of the crowd just turned up to see free fireworks.
Your musical influences
Jean-Michel Jarre and Tangerine Dream (from when they were good 1978-1986) are the main influences of my music, even though it may not sound that obvious at times. Artists like Vangelis and Kraftwerk have also influenced me.
What equipment do you use?
Hardware Yamaha AN1x Virtual Analog Synthesizer Yamaha DX100 FM Synthesizer Yamaha TG500 Tone Generator Yamaha SY55 Synthesizer Roland JP8000 Virtual Analog Synthesizer Roland VP330 Vocoder Plus Roland XV5080 Sound Module Roland JV1080 Sound Module (fully expanded) Korg MS2000 Virtual Analogue Synth Elka Synthex Synthesizer Akai S6000 Digital Sampler Casio CZ1000 Synthesizer Novation A-Station Synthesizer Sountracks Topaz Project 8 24:8:2 Electroharmonix Small Stone Phaser Software Cubase SX Acid Arturia Moog Modular Arturia Minimoog Arturia CS80 Korg Legacy
Anything else?
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