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Claire Moss
Claire Moss
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Twenty-year-old female Alternative Rock singer-songwriter who writes songs with blazing guitars, hot drumming, deep lyrics, and great production.
A 20-year-old Alternative Rock singer-songwriter with a refreshingly deep lyrical sense, Ms. Moss writes songs set to sizzling guitar-based rock with influences from Radiohead to Pearl Jam to The Pretenders.
Band/artist history
If Claire were a guy her music might be considered emo, because she sings about her emotions to driving rock songs that remind you of Dashboard Confessional, Brand New, Switchfoot, Evanescence, and other bands gracing the airwaves. Except girls always sing about their emotions, don't they? You know, "Ooh baby, I miss you, I need you, when are you coming back?" and other submissive whimpering. But girls almost never get truly emotional. It's just not "pretty". "The intensity of the music needs to fit the emotion in the song," Claire keeps telling people. If someone says, "I want to scream," then why the heck dont they? Some fans who have only heard acoustic versions of her songs over the past 2 1/2 years see her as a sensitive singer-songwriter. Well, yes. "Oh, you should arrange your songs like Jewel, with acoustic guitars and some light drums, because I love your voice and your great songs. The rock music would just ruin it." Um, no. Girls just want to have fun, blah, blah, blah. But stories don't always have happy endings, do they? Claire's songs always have hope, even when life sucks. And fans who have heard her CD, or heard her at The Whisky on Sunset Strip in West Hollywood, know that she likes to play driving, sweaty, in-your-face rock. There's a saying in the record industry: if you're checking out a new guy band, you listen to their music first and then look at their picture to see if they've showered this year. If you're checking out a girl band, you look at their picture first and then, if they look great, you listen to their music. Nice picture, huh? Some details: Claire wrote her first song when she was just 3 1/2 years old. Really. Her baby brother died right after he was born. The chorus? "Johnathan, Johnathan, come back to life, 'cause we really miss you." Eerie. She plays the bass, guitar, piano and violin. She played violin in a youth symphony. She sang in an international touring choir for five years. She's written dozens of songs, a number of which have been played on broadcast and internet radio stations. She's played all over L.A., including The Whisky, The Rainbow Room, and the Hard Rock Café. She's an expert with ProTools. She grew up in a family of musicians listening to Nirvana, Radiohead, Pearl Jam, the Beatles, the Beach Boys, The Who, Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, and many others. Some of her favorite bands right now are Brand New, Three Days Grace, Eve6, Finger 11, Linkin Park, Muse and Slipknot. Oh, and she lives in Southern California, and she just turned 20 years old. So, guys, she's just like you. Only she's a girl. Girls, she sings about things you've been trying to find the words for, unafraid of what others think. Everyone: why haven't you heard her yet? It's time.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I play live all the time. Favorite moment was the second time I played The Whisky on the Sunset Strip in West Hollywood, CA.
Your musical influences
Radiohead, Pearl Jam, Nirvana, The Pretenders, The Beatles.
What equipment do you use?
Martin and PRS guitars, Fender Bass, VHT and Marshall amps.
Anything else?
People who have loved my music tend to like female singers in a rock band. I've been compared to Alanis Morrissette, a harder-edged Debbie Harry from Blondie, and Sheryl Crow, and my music draws comparisons to Pearl Jam and The Who.