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Eric "Smidi" Smith produces multiple genres of music for artist, TV and Film, Video Games, etc. Need Custom Exclusive Beats? Contact ESmith702@aol.com.
Smidi Beats 'I Paid To Play' Interview
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Band/artist history
Eric Smidi Smith, born January 27 1960 in Covington, Kentucky. Smidi is a self taught musician. His interest in music started in 1968. Smidi's primary instruments are the Bass and Lead guitars. The name SMIDI derives from MIDI (musical, instrument, digital, interface) Smidi joined the US Air Force in 1981 and he retired as an E6 in 2001. During his military career Smidi auditioned and was selected to tour as the lead guitarist with the Air Force - Tops-N-Blue Entertainment Showcase Group. In 1990 Smidi was assigned to Nellis AFB, Nevada where he was introduced to MIDI instruments and equipment. He quickly learned that he could sequence all of the musical instruments from a common computer source. Since discovering the use of MIDI equipment in 1992 Smidi has sequenced music tracks for well known artist i.e. Leon Haywood, Spice 1, Bobby Jones, Chuck Roberson, New Birth, and Clay Hammond. Smidi produced the music for songs in the movies Love Beat The Hell Outta Me 2000, Gang Tapes 2003 and HEROS 2008. Smidi also produced the theme song track for The Venetian Wheel Deal Game Show on the Las Vegas Strip. Smidi has approximately 2000 created original instrumental music tracks in his music catalog, and over 1250 registered song titles with ASCAP. His goal is to achieve recognition as a well rounded successful musician in multiple genres. Smidi Beats - Background Music Placements: 1) 2016 Rio Olympics 2) Harry Connick Jr. 3) NBC Poker After Dark 4) Forensic Files 5) E Entertainment - The Girls Next Door, Seasons 3, 4, and 5, Kendra, and Daily 10 6)The History Channel - Modern Marvels 7)WGN America - Funniest Pets & People 8)A&E Network - Manhunters Fugitive Task Force 9)HGTV - Free style, Designed to Sell and Curb Appeal 10)Nickelodeon Huis Anubis 11)FOX Sports Network - Huskies /Seahawks All Access 12) FLN - Three Sheets 13) Travel Channel - Vegas Revolution Extravagance 14) Animal Planet - Pit Boss 15) BRAVO- Millionaire MatchMaker Contact: Eric Smidi Smith AKA Smidi Beats at ESmith702@aol.com for all of your Music Production needs. Visit www.smidibeatsmarket.com
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I don't play live anymore. I use to love to perform, now I love to MAKE AND BREAK new artist into the music business.
Your musical influences
I have to many musical influences to mention. I was exposed to all styles of music as I was raised in Cincinnati, Ohio and traveling around the world during my 20 year military career.
What equipment do you use?
I use Logic Pro X, Yamaha Motif, Mophat, Roland JV2080, 880, MPC2000XL, Alesis QSR, Ensoniq 16 plus, ASRX, Proteus, Kurzweil 2000, and a lot of sound cards.
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