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Nevermind Us
Nevermind Us
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This is the song that nobody knows
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13 minute acoustic + solo
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The Dominos DeltR Blues
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I'd call it virtuostic sarcastic neo-classic jazz rock punk bull shit. The guitar is often loud and brings a certain sense of oh fuck,the bass playing aint the common bass playing, all over the place styles from Dan, often playing more solos than John, and playing better solos from John when playing in key is concerned. John's lyrics are complex in the sense that if you understand them, then you are him, and that is all, and only God knows whats gonna happen next when Dan starts singing, songs about pepperjack cheese, gooses and chickens and tire irons...mostly though it'll probably wind up being him yellin at someone for something, broad topics or specific. Anthony's drumming well lets say he cares less for dynamics in the sense that hes just always loud, and thats the way he likes it so let him be. This band's always loud anyway, or at least they'd like to be...
Band/artist history
Well it all started in 2001 when that kid that just about everyone in the town of North Babylon knew, but never really knew anything about him, Anthony Dallolio, decided he felt like getting out of his room and doing something better then watching tv, playing video games and being a whore to the pop culture of the teen society. He decided to start a band. For about three years, Anthony and his friend John Dadabo messed around with some ideas to try and get somewhere, but they really, really didn't. The band pretty much died in the summers and came back to life every September. With just the two, Anthony took the role of lead singer while John went through just about every instrument known to man. Yes, even the fucking mellophone (no not really), aside the two practice sessions during the summer the original lineup got nothing done, playing only one song during that time Sliver by Nirvana (John being the only one who could play the song correctly)so yes...that plan failed. After three years of trying, John decided to pull an acquainted guitarist into the group. Joe Mahoney, who was actually officially stated as part of the band a few months before he ever played with the band. John finally stuck with one instrument, the bass, and things went underway. That is until Anthony decided he hated Joe. John and Anthony argued until Anthony decided he needed someone to back up his opinion. It was time to call Dan Walsh. Bassist and co-singer of the dead band from West Babylon, October Rust, Dan got the call one day from Ant: Ant- "Can you drum?" Dan- "nope..." Ant- "You're in." And so it was settled. Dan took up the drums and within a week he was working with the band. After a few months of writing, arguing and some other stupid shit, the band decided to play in the school talent show. It was the first time the band ever played in the summer, and it was a total blow out. The band was the only actual band there, surrounded by a bunch of horrible dance routines and bad singers, and the only people in the crowd was Anthony, John, and Joe's families, and a handful of Dan's friends and his ex-girlfriend. It sucked. From then on everyone was always getting mad and arguing and bla bla bla bla bla. This was up until Dan returned to playing bass and John went to Rhythm guitar. Suddenly, everyone in the band was happy go lucky and wrote a bunch of good shit. Nevermind was off to a late but good start. All Dan could say was "Thank God they stopped bitching." All Ant could say was "I'm not done bitching yet." All John could say was "Stop bitching you son of a bitch." And Joe sighed, but as the years changed to 2006 Joe left the band and so the band pressed on without his lead guitar. The band decided however a second guitar was overkill for them anyway, because john and dan were doing too much with their parts as it is, and they didn't need more. The band still however lacked a drummer. Many possibilities arose but not seemed to work well. There was that problem and the problem with Anthony. Everyone agreed he was capable of being a good singer, but it just didn't seem like he knew what he was doing, at all. This eventually lead to Dan, completely losing it because of anthony's inability to get anything he was trying to tell him in an attempt to help. With Dan's outrage Anthony's spirit seemed to be broken in terms of wanting to be the singer anymore, and he took on the old drumset. John and Dan decided to share the responsibility of singing, as neither of them felt like being called "lead singer". With two problems solved in one in a very welcomed changed in setup, the creativity blew threw the roof. The only thing in the way of everyone hearing everything they have as of yet, is lack of good recording equipment and a reasonable place to play for a crowd. As soon as they've passed either of those setbacks, the three are sure things could really get moving. For now, that's pretty much the amazing mind shaking, back aching, heart breaking history of Nevermind. The band that doesn't really like it when you media whores try to give them a genre.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We would love to play love, we just need places to play...wanna see us? give us a place to play and we'll come play.
Your musical influences
John:I like fast, loud,complex rhythms,heavy music and punk Anthony: A wail of guitars and drums mixed with a very short man screaming his head off Dan: I like it when there's variety ya know? like...i cant stand it when the bass sits there doing the same shit as the guitar. theres no point, so im always like fuck that i'm a bitchy whore ill do what i want...and everyone turns our happy cus it sounds good...
What equipment do you use?
John: Ibanez Semi-Hollow AS73,Squier tele custom,berringer 30 watt stereo amp,boss ds-1 and ce-5, I think, what ever mic I own Dan:Brownsville 5 string,squier p-bass, crate 50 watt Anthony: he just hits stuff
Anything else?
Trying hard to record things while constantly and uncontrollably writing music is difficult, but give it a chance, and you may be so confused by us you won't be able to keep away.
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