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Standard issue mutilated severed operatic multi-voiced twisted emo-goth punk rock with a gluttonous side serving of Spanish classical swipe and thrust that in t
The Ascension of Magma Moon
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A Land Crab Buried in the Sand
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Totally original, challenging and impossible to pigeonhole and like nothing you hard before, Spacejunk sound like the bastardised mutant disowned offspring of Rush or Black Sabbath chasing Lostprophers with the devils very own three prong shit stick. Preposterously huge slabs of raw operatic theatrical rock with the potential of a million dancing squonks (and they have no horns and they have no tails and they dont even know of our existence). Are they wrong to believe in the city of gold that lies in the distance...?
Band/artist history
Spacejunk began their quest for musical perfection around the beginning of 2000. After a strict screening proccess to find the most talented line-up, we embarked to change peoples idea of what a band should really be. Playing keyboards and doing spectacular vocal leads is Paul. The bastard son of Kim Bassinger and Nikki Clarke. On the drums and performing twisted, diabolical vocals is Mick J. He eats nothing but salt and red meat. Which gives him the sinewy physique he needs to play at such drastic speeds. Shredding guitar is Strube. The aristocrat of soft porn. He enjoys nothing more than speaking in an annoying, high-pitched voice. Being brilliant on bass is Billy. Jesus once said 'For he who is tethered to thy lamp-post for 78 nights and 16 days be honoured with thy greatest of pudding...the bass. And thou recieve it forthwith from this day forward.' So Billy got his first bass from the lord himself and rejoiced.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Spacejunk pride themselves in their live performances. Perfectionists to a fault. We play around the Glasgow area visiting some of its most famous venues including the Cathouse, Barfly and Strawberry Fields. The latter is where most of our live material is recorded because the sound engineer is one of the 'junks biggest fans.
Your musical influences
Laughing insanities and dark chords. Preposterous future grand vision. Huge slabs of raw operatic theatrical rock and cake.
Anything else?
Spacejunk will set the world on fire. Just to get you fuckers to wake up!