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The Essense
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Milkin this Cow
$tate ya name (Cla$$ickz)
Aint No Click
Dipset G'z Freestyle
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Yea it's ya boy back once again reppin S.W.A.T Team and HME to the dead nah mean...I'ma gutta dude dats rude. Peep my shit no more to say I bang lames and knock ya picture right out ya frame// The only thing that impress me about you is your name// so why waste time i get straight to the point// I got a buzz in my city like i'm pasing a joint// and you absolutely wack you cant pass that point// and me ...i'm just kicking back listening spittin facts// loading up my nines on my back like i'm warren sapp// You will never be a legend so dont say it in my presence// You couldnt even rip me if the cops lost the evidence// And it's evident i'm coming in ya residence// wit black and white paint on my face like dead presidence// you cant handle this my flow damages// you see why my bread stack higher the sandwiches// I'm a true spitter you just a lil nigga// ya flow below average and lil guy i'm a savage// Why should i try to spit// When it's irrelvent// Dude you should give up rapping thats just my 2 cents//
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Rockabye baby strapped wit the mac and 80// Might have my mans clap at chu if i'm feelin lazy// My rengades leave you ghost like partrick swayze// Doc i'm hot give you shots like i got the raybe's// It aint no maybe cuz i stay on my grind daily// Flowing like it's gravy and the kid only 18// I stay puffin maple leafs like i'm gretzky// You mess wit me i'm throwing up the tek like a referee// I"m about my cash// Like a pringle i'ma pop ya top off like a bengal in bangladash// when i bang and dash niggas in my age class// Clashing wit the beat as i maronate with contrast// all in all nigga i dont really fuck wit yall// i'ma be the last man staNDING like an eightball// i'm in the corner pocket placed on the legal docket// I come to yo block and call shots and get all yall profit// fake thugs wanna brag about who they shot at// You holdin work// My team will holdin beams and will rob that// I tower shaq my my trees smelling like a lumberjack// Dis is real talk like 4 flats on a cadillac..
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S.W.A.T TEAM!!!!!!!!!! HME!!!!!!!!!!!!
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