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Detroit Burning
Detroit Burning
5 Tracks
chocked full of guitary machiney metaly sounds that robots would like to eat.
Gasoline Snowflakes (Bushie's WMD Mix)
Peak in sub-genre #20
Beauty and the Baud (2600)
Peak in sub-genre #25
Finally after 43 years the band that no one in the Detroit/Michigan/USA/Earth-scene has ever cared about is re-releasing all of their most famous songs. Back in 1912 their song "Gasoline Snowflakes" climbed all the way up to number 3 on the billboard charts knocking out Sarah Stiller's song "Baby gave me a black eye again". And now for the first time ever it s being re-released in an attempt to triple the zero dollar profit margin from the first release. Without further ado, here is a band I PROMISE will always be underground and make you seem "cooler" to your friends since finally you will have heard something they haven't Listen in amazement as a kid with no musical talent manages to haphazardly arrange some random shit into songs that won't make your balls fall off. Some songs are even 100% absent of any type of synth-popping sounds and chocked full of guitary machiney metaly sounds that robots would like to eat. Are you a robot? Click on the link now to receive a free binary memory message and chrome ass valve cleaning at your local plumbing shop. There's a little something for everyone!
Band/artist history
I was born on June 6th 1978, at the age of 0 I started making weird sounds, thus my band was formed.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
No, I have never played with the band live, that would be neat though since the lead singer was in the movie fight club.
Your musical influences
Barry Manilow, Burt Reynolds, and probably Snuff Video Red.
What equipment do you use?
I compose everything with a rubberband and lint. I am the Macguyver of the music world.
Anything else?
I work for the Department of Homeland Security, how scary is that!
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