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From Brooklyn-NY, Valeze brings glamour, pop and punk to the stage! Described by The Village Voice as Dance-punk revivalists with a sassy female lead and Womanr
Tiffany Randol: Lead Vocals Joe H: Bass AC Delco: Guitar Miles Kennedy: Drums Timothy Grace: Keys The spunkiest frontwoman this side of Stefani and Dance Punk Revivalists Village Voice Valeze may be up-and-coming, but they arent coming quietly! Rising to the top of the New York music scene with their hot shows and hotter frontwoman, Valeze has created more than another band. Theyve created a rock party. Valezes provocative shows are pumped full of raw energy. With a whirlwind of melodically-crashing songs, they command the stage with fierce guitar riffs and the wicked vocals of the flirtatious and classically-trained Tiffany Randol. Building on their influences from the seminial bands of the late Seventies - Blondie, the Clash and the Sex Pistols in particular - Valeze has cultivated a sound all their own. Live, the sexy Tiff may be the focal point, but the Valeze experience wouldnt be complete without the infectious energy of AC Delco (guitar), Joe H(bass), Tim Grace (keys)and Miles Kennedy (drums). Dressed to the nines in their matching suits and tiny ties, these guys instill fervor into each and every performance. Valeze is more than a hot New York band. They have nabbed the attention of corporate sponsors (Sam Ash, Panasonic, Mountain Dew, Garnier Fructis, and more) and when theyre not thrilling Manhattanites, theyre roaring across North America. From L.A. to Philly, Detroit to Toronto, Valeze is guaranteed to light up the night and wake up the neighbors! Look out shortly for an advance copy of their killer debut album, plus their sultry video for their cover of the Stooges song Search and Destroy. Release is expected for Spring 2006. Valeze has got their feet firmly planted in Blondies footsteps. Fronted by classically-trained Tiffany Randol, this band (with their frenetic breakdowns and breathy vocals) will take you right back to Studio 54! NY Press.
Band/artist history
After moving to NYC where community is hard to find, Tiffany struggled to pull a band together for two years going through something close to ten band members. In June 2002, determined to demo out a couple of songs, she managed to pull Miles Kennedy in on drums and two other friends on guitar and bass. In September 2002, "Come Undone", a five-song demo EP under the name "Valeze" (referring to baggage:valise) was independently released and supported on college radio stations all over the US. Although the first incarnation of Valeze was visualized in September 2002, it was not until Joe Hung and producer Chris Goercke stepped into the picture in June 2003 that Valeze became a band. After seeing Tiffany perform at The Fez, Chris introduced himself expressing interest in her songs. Two months later, in October 2003, Chris began preproduction with Tiffany, Miles and Joe for what would become Valeze's first full-length album. The album was recorded over the course of six months, in which time the band continued to develop their live show and took a serious leap into the NY Indie community with their debaucherous Circus party and the support of various indie promoters like Jenyk.com In April 2004, Valeze found their missing link: Alan Chaput on guitar. After a whirlwind of shows on the East and West Coast, a finished album, and a rapidly growing fan base, the band was still one short. Fresh off the boat from New Zealand, they immediately snagged keyboard extraordinaire Godfrey de Grut and there you have it. Valeze will be going into Threshold Music, late November, with producer Chris Goercke to record their new song "Liar" and a cover of "Search and Destroy" by Iggy Pop and The Stooges. Credits------------ Tiffany Randol Performance Credits:Ween,Philip Glass, Gerry Leonard, DJSpooky, Joe McGinty and the Losers Lounge w/Ronnie Spector, Moby, John Flansbergh (They Might be Giants), Mathew Caws(Nada Surf), Sean Altman (Rockapella), Patti Rothberg Recording Credits: Neil Perry (Smashing Pumpkins, Everclear), David "Dibs" Shackney (Anita Baker, Liquid Todd, Celine Dion), Roger Greenawalt (Ben Kweller, Elvis Costello, VitaminC), Chris Goercke (Kelly Osbourne, Pink, RicO'Casek, Rick Wake), Phil Palazzolo (Radio 4, Garden Variety, The Bogmen), Neils Van Gogh (German Dance Charts), Sheppard Music (Hall&Oates, Mandy Moore), Bernhard Fritsch (Michael Jackson), Sean Altman (Rockapella w/Sting, Billy Joel, Don Henley), Patti Rothberg, Terence Dover (Avril Lavigne, Peter Zizzo), Zeljko LePierre (U-phonics/Edel Records-Germany), Alexander Perls (Dance: Circ, Radikal, Vale Music)
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We play all over NYC mostly, although we've toured the West Coast and play Boston/DC regularly. We looooove playing live. It's the best...
Your musical influences
The Cure, Blondie, Prince, Elvis, Buddy Holly, Billy Idol-yah!, Patti Smith, Pretenders, New Order, Bjork, Missing Persons, Berlin, Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, Madonna - Immaculate Collection/Erotica, Depeche Mode, Pet Shop Boys, Duran Duran, Elvis Costello, GNR
Anything else?
Check out our Circus party at http://www.valeze.net/circus.html The Circus party kicked off in September 2003 as a way to create a wild, sexy underground rocknroll party that would not only bring Valeze to the attention of a larger audience, but would also create a scene where people you'd never see in the same room together could actually kick back and have fun together. Over the course of the past year this unpretentious, underground party continues to grow a diverse audience of 200-300 where rocknroll, dancing, and sex permeate the air.