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we've been labled spaz-core...but it's mainly cuz of our performance...teeth breaking---cuncussion fun!!!
here's tha jizz!!!.....we are llymbo(if u wanna know y we r llymbo, ask).....we represent imperfection with 100% effort.....we give everything up in order to be heard.....look, laugh, whateva.....we'll still be at tha top one day picking people up.....so shut up and quit u'r wine'n.....stop this imature prejudging.....we're not u'r Atypical cool(vain) band.....so get used to it.....and by tha way.....i so frigg'n luv u guyz...... (very few of our influences): tool,mudvayne,norma jean,blindside,evelynn,underOATH, dryline. we don't care about trends or people's opinions of them, this arlington band is here for the long haul. encouraging people to open their minds and live outside their expectations.
Band/artist history
formed in the belly of mother earth, in the state of texas in the hot summer of 2004...... hailing from grand prairie/arlington texas a band is born , and like all births, pains occured.... david(dick)jenkins,david(mr tush)moore, colt cross, and donny buford started llymbo and after 1 lineup change and numerous rock shows over the metroplex.... llymbo recovered a blast from the unsuspected.. with the departure of colt cross.... llymbo was in limbo praying for a new bassist.. and after 3 days and 2 practices..... sam(fidget)grun rises to the challenge to rock as the new bass player for llymbo.....yet, when everything was thought to be set in place...there was the unexpected leave of Donny Buford....Sam swiftly made the transition to Guitar...yet again there was still a need for a bassist.......out of the heart of Allen emerged Kalen(K.O.)Orr.....after 2 practices he performed with them and has stuck with 'em ever since.....and we ride on!! ............haray for b.s.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Our live show is our strong point. Feeding of other souls is a joy. Yes we love playing live. yes when dick (our lead singer) broke 2 teeth during one show in ft worth & then followed that show with a cuncussion, sprained thumb, and a fractured heel in deep ellum...
Your musical influences
dryline, jacknife, mudvayne, lamb of God, blindside, underoath, slipknot, emery, me without you, norma jean, incubus, perfect circle, tool...too many more to name...
What equipment do you use?
our equiptment is as follows: Peavey 5150 and Mesa Boogie Triple Rectifier Guitar Heads, Mesa Boogie 4X12 Rectifier Guitar Cab. Ampeg SVT-350 Bass Head and SVT 4X10 Bass Cab. Guitars: Schecter C1 Black Jack, ESP LTD EC-1000, ESP LTD H-1000. Basses: Traben Phoenix 5-String, ESP LTD F-205, ESP LTD B-104 Audix Mics Yamaha and Custom made drum sets.
Anything else?
this is for all u freaks, geeks, and snarling fools with a brain...enjoy
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