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Hippie Cream
Hippie Cream
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lo-fi, pop, acoustic folk, experimental, indie-pop, cornbread fusion.
We're a fun loving group of musician types who enjoy banging out pop tunes with a lo-fi twist. Why not pop us in your ear and let us pickle your brains? We draw inspiration from the sun, street tacos, and Boru the Ape Boy. Intrigued? So are we!
Band/artist history
Bouncing out of the deserts of Southern California comes a threesome with a song in it's collective heart. Although the sun, sand, and lack of water have permanently scarred our brains we still make the children sing. We have been banging out tunes for the past four years in our homespun studio and passing out recordings to friends, foes, and family alike. After our last stellar disc "Is Today Tomorrow?" was handed out to twenty five people. We thought it was high-time to shoot our musical load into cyber space and see if anyone else cares to catch our twisted tunes. Our band consists primarily of three people. Me, That Guy, and The Other Guy..otherwise known as Cory, Travis, and Sean....My name is Cory, I play guitar, sing, produce the noise, and generally make people uncomfortable. Travis plays bass, sings, and rescues lost children (he is a hero). Bringing up the rear is Sean. Sean plays drums, the spoons, pudding and is really quite talented at the lost art of straw sculpturing. Thanks for reading our little bio, and if you like our tunes be sure to let us know. We live for feedback.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We play live whenever we record. As far as playing in front of other people...not so much. However if your interested in having us play at your house party, street fair, or on your yacht let us know. I'm sure we can work something out
Your musical influences
My musical hero's include subversive folks like Daniel Johnston, The Moldy Peaches, Neutral Milk Hotel, Beck, Tom Waits, and the man who drives the Ice Cream Truck.. Basically anyone who shares a unique perspective and has a sound that tilts my ear and makes me swoon like a school girl.
What equipment do you use?
The usual suspects: Tijuana guitars, rump rising bass, cosmic keyboards, kazoo, and a lone rattling drum kit.
Anything else?
We're interested in taking a trip to the center of the earth and documenting it with sound. If you know of someone who is planning such a trip please invite us.
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