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Withering Soul
Withering Soul
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Paranormal Symponic Black Metal that will haunt your ears and your mind.
Crafting a variety of influences, Withering Soul seeks to bestow a style completely of it's own, that is both dark and majestic. Anything from blistering riffs at high velocity, brutally catchy rythyms, to ghastly and mysterious melodies are what will warm the ears of anyone that listens. Painted atop a diverse arrangement of musical passages, is the spectre of both melodic singing and sinister screams. The veritable result is an orchestrated seance of dual guitar progressions, spiraling leads, pummeling percussion, and euphoric keyboards. Ultimately, the band strives to stare into the unkown with an original sound that breaks apart the many sub-genres of Metal, and challenge the limitations of an overcrowded scene.
Band/artist history
Withering Soul was founded on the eve of the new millenium by vocalist Mykil, and guitarist Krystofer in the Winter of 1999. The two began composing complete songs and released a three-song demo that following Summer of 2000. Despite it's primitive production and adolescent songwriting, the demo recieved a welcoming audience from both reviewers and fans alike. A full band was formed a year later, playing periodic shows throughout much of the Chicago area. The overall tightness of the band, and the towering presence of vocalist Mykil, instantly acquired fans. A second demo-EP was recorded shortly after, attracting the attention of various webzines and promoters throughout the US, Europe, and South America. In what appeared to be the inevitable curse of many young bands, the two original members found themselves solitairy once again. This event was determined as a mere obstruction, as they were in no position to lay their ideas to rest. After a series of auditions and lineup changes, they recruited the progressive drumming skills of Matt Block (Avidost, Night on Armon) during the winter of 2003 to complete their debut album: "Apparitions of the Surreal". Following a very strenuous, yet persistent period of recording, the album was mixed and mastered by Quentin Poynter (Xohol Records, Sounds of Q). The result manifested an elevated level of both maturity and potential. "Apparitions of The Surreal" has been released on Xohol Records in July, 2004, introducing a prophetic chapter in aggressive music. In harmony with the projection of a new release, fate conjured the recent addition of young talent: William on bass, Marek on drums, and Ines on keyboards. With each member evoking a promising element to Withering Soul's further evolving sound. At the recent introduction of the band's second guitarist: Quentin, a necessary piece of the puzzle has been completed. In this, the band plans to stop at nothing in moving forward in their paths. Such endevours, include a ruthless array of live appearances to enhance the band's auditory offerings (such as International Metalfest in Michigan and Minneapolis Mayhem). The band has also been swept within the collaboration of it's second full-length album, tenatively entitled: "Beyond the Veil of Mortality". "The ultimate goal of Withering Soul is to satisfy a loyal legion of fans, further develope our writing abilities, and continue doing what we love, hereby creating musical art that will summon the respect and appreciation of a global audience".
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Various venues throughout the Midwest. We'll play any show (big or small) that our fans might enjoy. So far, we've played with the following bands and our list continues to grow: Enforsaken Joey Belladonna Morbid Angel Satyricon Epicurean Forest of Impaled Disinter Veneficum Fleshgrind
Your musical influences
Mostly metal influences, however there are traces of other styles exist in our music. I grew up listening to alot of American heavy metal bands such as: Pantera, Slayer, Megadeth, Black Sabbath, and even Alice in Chains. However my taste expanded as I grew older and we found ourselves very inspired by the European metal scene (Black Metal, Doom, Melodic Death). I personally enjoy music that has alot of melody and emotion. But in more of a dark, chilling sort of manner. The European scene, seems to be more creative and more mysterious in this respect. I do enjoy many different types of music however. I judge music by the overall mood it gives me.
What equipment do you use?
We plan on using a Korg Triton and Alesis QS synthesiser on our next album.