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Rooftop Studio
Rooftop Studio
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Recording Studio in Oxford UK
Im scared of Giraffes (end) mix 2
Peak position #55
Save Port Meadow - ROOFTOP STUDIO
Peak in sub-genre #38
My Horse will never exist in Reality - NIGE & TREV
Peak in sub-genre #39
Broken Chairs & Promises - The Banuteks
Peak position #14
Same Time Every Day (part 1) - GuRzUnZ
Peak in sub-genre #25
'Same Time Every Day (part 1)' - GURZUNZ
Click 'music' on the menu to the right to hear songs recorded at Rooftop Studio by the following Oxford based musicians: (country) (Voted 'BEST ARTIST' in the 2004 International Online Music Awards) (experimental/comedy/pop/rock) (Winners of 'BEST ARTIST', 'BEST COMPOSER' and 'BEST SONG' in the 2006 International Online Music Awards) (country) (Singer/Songwriter) (pop/rock) (solo piano) (improvised jazz'n'roll) (Gurzunz percussionist, Dale Marshall was voted 'BEST DRUMMER' in the 2006 International Online Music awards) (rock/classical) (Voted 'BEST COMPOSER' in the 2004 International Online Music Awards) (blues/rock/country) (acoustic/folk) (frenzied avant garde buck-toothed rampant rabbit rock) (Quirky surreal arty pop duo from Ducklington) (indie pop) PIPPA GWILLIAM (songwriter) The International Online Music Awards (IOMAs), were established by Canadian based R Cat Communications in January 2004. This unrivalled and prestigious independent music awards event was originally launched to give Independent online artists the chance to vote for their fellow artists. For more info visit:
Have you performed in front of an audience?
One or two Rooftop Studio regulars can often be found performing every Sunday at the open-mic night in Jericho, Oxford.
Anything else?
Lots and lots of Rooftop studio music here: : Rooftop Studio also has a site here: Click on this logo to visit THE MECHANICS OF SORROW Soundclick site: Click on the green Soundclick logo to visit NIGE and TREV's Soundclick site: Click here to visit FRANK FISH and the FINS' Soundclick site: Click on the log below to visit the GURZUNZ Soundclick site: Click on this Soundclick logo to visit pianist/vocalist/songwriter/composer/piano teacher PAUL GIBBON'S Soundclick site... This Soundclick logo will lead you to the bucktoothed, hutch-shaking, bunny rock 'lettuce pray' musical mayhem of Oxford based riff-pilfering duo FRANK RABBIT AND THE BOBTAILS: Click on the soundclick logo below to hear four ROSE KEMP songs. Rose is a stunningly talented singer/songwriter and has her own website at: www.rosekemp.co.uk
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In Your Eyes (Buy 1 Get 1 Free)
THINK ABOUT IT (Buy 1 Get 4 Free!)
The Voice / Meek Mill Type Beat (2 For 1)
Golden Child - Young Ma - East Coast Rap