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Full Proof Entertainment
Full Proof Entertainment
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Music Production and crew of rappers. from hip hop to classical, want a beat...just asl, email me.
The Full Proof Empire is a new crew from South London, UK baby! We rap amd produce different types of music so ya no... keep checkin back cause we gonna have stuff for everyone..record labels know where to come for 100% Full Proof music
Band/artist history
Our crew only just started but we all got our own story as we are all from different backgrounds an stuff but... things about our past should come out through our music
Have you performed in front of an audience?
we're a new crew so we havent had the chance to play live yet but if you hear any of our tunes and are intrested in us performing live for you in the uk then email us.
Your musical influences
Eminem, D-block, avril lavigne, Timberland, all different types of produces, from hip hop to classical.
What equipment do you use?
we keep it simple, reason, qxygen 8 keyboard and surround sound speakers, imagine wot we could do with a real big set of equipment!
Anything else?
Its time to take over. We been holdin back 2 long, time to get signed, watch out for us, support us, hear beats u like email me about buyin or leasin em.