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ILLEGOALIENS: the lost breed emcees: Fres Thao, Lase Thao, Cad of Dreamlogic, KSHKSH, dj Seed / Redbuttons - DOPE HIP HOP.
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Bourbon Whiskey
plastic cassette tapes
xscape {cad: dreamlogic remix}
xscape. remixed by the genius himself, cad, of dreamlogic. brilliant remix, brilliant! check out cad's music @ http://www.soundclick.com/bands/6/dreamlogicmusic.htm
prod/written/perf'd by fres. one of my fave tracks. its about .. yes .. it is ..
i tried
yes. i did. prod/written/perf'd by fres. song about .... you figure it out.
Illegoaliens, sick minded individuals aka the cemented morlocks, a hip hop group dispersed throughout the states, consists of emcees, Fres Thao, Lase Thao and DJ RedButtons, producer Kshksh and Cad of Dreamlogic. Formed in 1993, Illegoaliens, formerly known as The Lost Breed Emcees (founding members, Fres and Lase), present hip hop with of a soulful, psychedelic mixture. They have released numerous mixtapes and participated in many compilations such as the Hproject CD and are featured in a Live Sockets DVD. Fres Thao, co founder and member of nationally dispersed Hip Hop collective, Illegoaliens, Wisconsin collective, the Baker's Club and Founder of Clan 19 Records, released numerous mixtapes and compilations over the years, including 2001's This is my first album, The H Project in 2004, Music to Breathe to in 2005, Blank Canvas in 2006, The Thought Bubble Mixtape in 2008 and recently, the Cloud 9 ep. A writer of all disciplines with formal education in Communications, Radio/Television/Film from the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh and now enrolled in Concordia University's Marketing and Creative Innovations program, he was an on air radio personality for UW-O station 90.3fm WRST and is now a cohost on CHAT Radio, KFAI, 90.3/106.7fm, Twin Cities every friday at 6:30pm. While residing in Milwaukee, he helped coordinate the Hmong Artists Network and Development program for the Hmong American Friendship Association and is currently a Youth Coordinator for CHAT, The Center for Hmong Arts and Talent in Saint Paul, coordinating workshops through ART Saves Us, a free after school youth arts program. Fres is hard at work writing a Hip Hop based screenplay dealing with time travel for Mu Performing Art's 2011 New Eyes program and is a recipient of the Minnesota State Arts Board 2011 Artists Initiative grant for his new album (digital, CD and vinyl) to be released in 2012. In collaboration with Essential Sessions Studios and local artists/musicians, a new Hip Hop collective is also in the works. Through his struggles, principles and aspirations he hopes to motivate the community to continue pursuing, supporting and valuing the arts. Lase currently resides in the beautiful Arkansas, helping maintain the Illegoaliens name in the south. RedButtons is currently gigging all around Bayview Milwaukee. Kshksh is located in California, schooling for his film degree and is in demand for creating music videos. As for Cad, well, noone really knows where he currently is. If you do find him, please notify us. LISTEN to music: KFAI 90.3 Minneapolis 106.7 St. Paul 91.7 WMSE Milwaukee. please request our sounds so we can be cool. STREAM music and videos: www.fresthao.com www.myspace.com/illegoaliens www.myspace.com/ieafres www.myspace.com/fresthao www.youtube.com/illegoaliens For Booking: albrathao@gmail.com
Your musical influences
people; haters; groupies; fans; chicks; dogs; cats; animals; gerbils; rats; chickens; pigeons; aliens; boogie monsters; emcees; rappers; poopy heads; weirdo heads; assholes; nerds; bernices; truckers; old fogies; druggies; shitfuckasswipes; backpackers; gangsters; thugs; police; lawyers; doctors; webmasters; producers; satan; jesus; god; racists; hippos; ninjas; employees; surgeons; bosses; pirates; babies; barbie dolls; armadillos; murderers; adults; ducks; grass; toilets; ink; superman; racers; heros; clams; losers; skaters; singers; movies; shadows; you, him, her, them, they, us; most importantly, my addiction.
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